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Sections and phrases messed up



Hey guys, in the process of making sections and phrases for a custom i ran into an issue, after generating the .psarc file, sections and phrases have moved, i mean:


This is how it looks in eof:




And this after generating the packaging, adding DDC and unpacking with bpr:




Anyone can illustrate me about that?

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Some (a lot) of your notes/chords are not on beat, this will cause DDC all sorts of bother.


Example is the 2+4+4 at the start of verse 1, it's clearly not on the beat line.


You could try snapping them all by pressing Ctrl+A then Ctrl+Shift+R, but it might not work properly if the gems are way off. 


So bear in mind you can also "Undo" with Ctrl+Z :D

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Okay I get most of it, but still I don't know how it applies entirely to eof.

Can you show me a screenshot of a well synced song please?


A short example (BPR view but EOF view should be the same) :

Notes are not in sync with the rhythm (vertical bars for measures and beats) :



Notes are in sync with the rhythm :


When you create a new song in EOF, you should synchronize the measures and beats instead of the notes (you can move the vertical bars and the notes should follow in their relative position).
To facilitate the rhythm sync, just import one track in EOF to see the notes and move slightly the vertical bars to sync the song.
With this method, you have to do only one sync for all arrangements. You just need to import the other tracks (no note move is necessary)
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Wow, thanks a lot! I'll try to fix this one now


How do you sync a song with so many chords?

Do not underestimate how powerful hand clap sounds are, they really help a great deal.


Set the general tempo (as per the GP file), make the chart start at the correct place (slide the very first marker along until the gems are roughly in the correct starting position) and play it with handclaps on (press C to turn handclaps on/off).  The penny will soon drop...  :D



You need to be careful though.  When you are moving beat markers (the white arrows at the top), your mouse needs to go prettty much horizontal.  If something looks like it has went really wrong and gems move off the grid lines then don't panic, just hit Undo and try it again.

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