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Metal band suggestions


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Hi All!


I have developed a habit of browsing the Customsforge for new exciting bands. Especially bands that use low tunings.


But how 'bout listing here some of your favourite metal bands? There are so many bands that don't have any CDLC:s here, and that I haven't heard from before.


I'll open the discussion by some of my favorites that are maybe not so known. These are mostly Metalcore/Groove Metal/Death Metal:


- Mutiny Within (Power/Metalcore)

- Threat Signal (Metalcore, the song on the video has been my wife's ringtone for the past 7 years)

- Scar Symmetry (Swedens gift to metalworld)

- Diablo (Finnish "äijämetal")

- Medeia (Finnish death metal)

- Nicole (Finnish death metal)

- MyGrain (Finnish thrash/metalcore)

- Diecast  (USA metalcore, they'll release a new album this year)

- Dark Age (German Metalcore)

- The Arcane Order (Danish symphonic metal)

- Raunchy (Danish Metalcore)

- Dreamshade (Swiss metalcore, similar to KSE)

- Deadlock (German Thrash/Death/Metalcore)

- Bleed The Sky (USA Groove Metal)

- Disarmonia Mundi (Italian/Swedish metalcore. Björn 'Speed' Strid s vocalist)

- Rise to Fall (Spanish metallcore)

- Mors Principium Est (Finnish death metal, epic guitar solo on the video)

- Heart Of A Coward (UK Djent)

- Hacktivist (Djent &Rap, they play in Drop E)

- Erra (USA )

- Dead By April (Sweden Metalcore)

- Caliban (German Metalcore)

- Breakdown Of Sanity (Swiss metalcore)

- The Interbeing (Danish Metalcore)

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More of a Thrash Guy Myself, some bands(and songs) that may not be known to all


Black Tide(Shockwave, Warriors of Time)-I watched this band and I cried, because they had so much promise from their first album. They sold out and changed from a speed metal band to a boy pop band... yeah :/

The Sword(Freya, The Black River, Lawless Lands)-Very mellow, very relaxing, has that old classic groove while still being slightly heavy.

Evile(Thrasher, Five Serpents Teeth, Underworld)-Originally dubbed as "The New Metallica" Evile is from Britain that focuses on speed, thrash, and technicality.

Blackguard(This Rounds on Me, Wasteland, Firefight)-Power Death Metal is what I would use to describe this.

Emperor(Curse you All Men, Inno A Satana)-This is the band that actually introduced me to Bathory with their cover of "A Fine Day To Die". Death Metal

Funeral Tears(Your Life My Death)-Funeral Doom Metal, slow, heavy, and ambient-great for background noise. I also believe the dude is Russian.

Exhorder-(Slaughter in the Vatican)- Do you like Pantera? Do you want more Pantera? This is your next best thing

Woods of Ypres (Finality)-Goddamnit David Gould, you were too fucking young

Horde-Double Petal Heavy Jesus Metal



Plus there's this map that can introduce to even more

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Many nice scores on all songs :)

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My tastes over the years have probably followed the historical evolution of many of the genres pretty closely. Starting with traditional heavy metal, then speed and thrash, then some death (especially melo and technical), progressive, and so on. My tastes are pretty broad right now, including lots of stuff beyond metal, but I'll try to stick mostly to metal here.


For the moment I'm too lazy to get links for every band, so I'll just list some of my favorites in metal. Some of these you'll know, others you might not. Agalloch, Animals as Leaders, Be'lakor, Beyond Twilight, Black Sabbath, Blotted Science, Cynic, Death, Devin Townsend (in many of his various guises), Disillusion, Dream Theater, Drudkh, Enslaved, Haken, (old) In Flames, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Leprous, Lost Horizon, Mastodon, Metallica, Meshuggah, Ne Obliviscaris, Negura Bunget, Nevermore (how do they only have one CDLC? I'd have thought guitarists would be all over them), The Ocean, Opeth, Outworld, Pain of Salvation, (mostly older) Pelican, Porcupine Tree, Primordial, Riverside, Scale the Summit, Seventh Wonder, Sigh, Solstafir, Symphony X, Toundra, and probably plenty of others that I'm forgetting at the moment because they're not in my music library.


Edit: I should also say that, as a bassist, my taste in bands can be strongly influenced by awesome bassists.

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