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Trophy (Awards) for participants Rocksmith championship

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Very good images!

But how does it look with a more simple font (e.g. some Sans Serif font)? I kind of like the style you want to achieve, but I still think that it is too hard to recognize the letter...


Does the number of stars on the banner have a meaning?

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Good news!!! Awards for participants soon will be added.   But before we must decide and choose the following things:   Big thanks @Unleashed2k, it´s his work!!   We need your suggestions and ideas ab

Sweet! Thanks! I'll play a bit and show you what I do!  Edit: Gold Letter, Silver Trim   Black Letter, Silver Trim   Beginner, Black Letter, Silver Trim http://i.imgur.com/3savrT7.png

Rework, Intermediate -I, fisrt - gold, lead - red. http://i.imgur.com/oUjJ02U.png Master class, rhythm, first http://i.imgur.com/7RT8Svi.png Advanced class, Bass, first http://i.imgur.com/EXKDnLV.png

@@Azrael main idea was  to set crystals of brilliant on ribbon, and more crystals is more fancy, for 3 place (bronze)i think set only one, but small size kill  all view. More simple and easy readable symbol look cheap, i think with the last font there enough easy to distinguish every of 4 classes. (and tomorrow it do one with simple symbol and post therefor example).

And yet it only preview, and base ideas. So all need rebuild with more quality, if i could  i do, if not, we will try asking @@Frack do it - for perfect look,  his work always clear and beautiful look, i have not enough experience with small size images.

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@ can you try to put just another color for the symbols on the plec, i.e. a silver symbol on gold plec, gold symbol on silver plec, or just black symbols? just for better recognition maybe.

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Captain-Sparton-weiss minimini.png

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There  diff variants of colors symbols with simple font:

1  Gold pressed http://i.imgur.com/A0yIiWy.png

2. Blackhttp://i.imgur.com/4qL44Th.png

3.Sillver colorhttp://i.imgur.com/I6blWGw.png

4 Silver color with shadowhttp://i.imgur.com/w8RpfP3.png

5. There added global shadow for white themehttp://i.imgur.com/a2K3avf.png

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Of these I like black best:

2. Blackhttp://i.imgur.com/4qL44Th.png

But, what about a silver lettering, or silver trim on the lettering
the black is a bit strong


Edit: Oh! I see you did silver letting, looks white to me
What about black letter with silver stroke?

Or, gold letter with silver stroke..

..and that more fancy script font.

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This looks good but the color is a little hard to see for the blue, how does it look for the other colors?
I might prefer the ribbon for seeing the color better.



did you try black letter with silver trim? and gold with silver trim?


Edit: the fancy letter looks so good! :D

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