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Hi All,


Having an issue with tapping my lyrics into UltraStar and would like some help:


Working on a project where the song is at 88bpm. When I enter the mp3 and lyrics into UltraStar, it defaults to 356bpm! That is ludicrous.

So I clicked the padlock and manually changed it to 88bpm. It doesn't matter whether I re-lock the padlock or not, UltraStar changes it automatically to 356bpm.

I therefore cannot tap this song at 88bpm!


I tried using it at the 356bpm but when I import into EOF, the song is set at 88bpm but the lyrics are all out of synch.


How can I fix this?

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  • Administrator

There is absolutly no need to fiddle around with the bpm in ultrastar. Just leave it at what it is. 

The fact that your lyrics are out of sync is most likely due to what @@Rockfirstlast said.

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Feel so dumb right now.

Thanks for the easy fix.


Yes I did add the leading silence but reverted back to the original track which caused the lyrics to be out of synch.


The reason I fiddled with the bpm in ultrastar is because I saw this on a viedo tutorial. I followed instructions to a T because I am new at this and have not yet tried playing with it to understand how the components affect each other.



Thanks for the prompt response.

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