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Suggestion about the problem with CDLCs with the same name

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Everyone knows what I'm talking about, when you have two songs with the same name in your dlc folder there's a big chance that they get in conflict with each other.


I know that the cause of it it's the "DLC Name", that it's filled automatically by the ToolKit using the formula "SongnameSong."


My suggestion is asking if this could be changed so the Toolkit create the DLC Name by writing "SongnameAuthor". I don't know if it's possible as I don't have any idea of coding and such, but it seems relatively simple to me.


Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work =)

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Same Name:

Means if you have two or more same named songs from different artist, all can crash (no broadway style) OR jam (not often) when song is started. You can keep one of these song in DLC folder without issues.  

When kept same namers in DLC folder without playing ... In some cases the Album art/song titles get mixed up in the song list. Sometimes other same named song won't show in the song list. 

Note that this crash/jam rule applies when you have several version of same artist same named song, or update versions in dlc folder.

Same Artist, same named song crashes are not listed.

Fast fix for Same Name crashers. To avoid crash problem with other same named song without changing game name.

In Toolkit, just change DLC name. (name usually writed “together” for example like:TheBitterEnd.

Change it for example to InsomniumTheBitterEnd. Game name doesn’t change, but crash with other song will be avoided. No change for other song needed, both will work. If you fix multi same namers (none of work together), all but one must be fixed.



Just to be a little more precise about this issue.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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I may change it to format: AbbreviationOrFirstLetterOfArtistSort+SongNameSort
There is no reason to use constant Song or charter name of the song(only necessary when someone need to chart it's own version)

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Made next changes:
DLCName = Artist(ancronym style) + SongTiteSort.
If Artist is empty -- we use SongTitleSort, If this not empty too.
If SongTitle equeals to DLCName(in case there is no The in it and Artist not set) we will get SongTitle+"Song"

Mark this solved ;)

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