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adding a bonus lead?

That Guy

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This has probably been discussed before,

my apologies for not doing a thorough search.


In EOF, as far as I know, I can only use:


Real Guitar and real guitar 22.


is it possible to make a third arrangement without messing up the others?

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Use the second real bass and make sure to change the arrangement type to rhythm or lead in EoF before you import the tab for that track. If you need more than 4 instrument tracks you can finish one and save it. Then rename that track xml in the file folder and you now have 4 more spots you can use.

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Im confused as how to do this.


I can use real guitar and real guitar 22 for a lead and rhythm track, 

but I need a third for a bonus lead.


I suppose I could save one of those in another folder so it doesn't get overwritten...


is that the way?


or am I missing something.



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I lied about everything.

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So... is it correct that it is not possible to use the "PART *INSTRUMENT*" tracks, only the "PART REAL_*INSTRUMENT*" tracks?

Do those without "REAL" only work with Frets on Fire?


I want to add a Bonus Bass and maybe even bonus lead and rhythm (basically the whole song in two different tunings).


Also I think in the first tutorials I read it was explained that I should use "PART REAL_BASS_22" for bass (and not "PART REAL_BASS"). Is there any difference between those?




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the real part are dedicated to RS and RB pro part so you can only use a real part for RS but guitar or bass it absolutely doesn't matter

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