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Found 5 results

  1. I realize that this has been posted before in video form ( http://customsforge.com/topic/841-how-to-make-cdlc-full-in-depth-tut-completed/ ), but seeing as people still ask about it, and there are still CDLCs showing up without sections or very few sections, I thought It'd be a good idea to make a quick, easy tutorial (no video!) on how to add sections to your arrangements. Here goes: Sections are what separates your full arrangements into, well, sections e.g. Chorus, Verse, Bridge, which are selectable in RR (Riff Repeater). So, how do we go about making them? 1) Load up your eof file 2) Select the BEAT MARKER where you want the section to BEGIN. Do this by clicking on the beat marker (the arrow): http://thumbnails112.imagebam.com/34538/2edcca345370955.jpg 3) Press Shift + S 4) Select one from the list of names. Enable "Also add as RS phrase". Note: The DDC might make its own phrases. I still have "Also add as RS phrase" enabled and ddc works without a hitch. 5) If you want the section start to be just for your current arrangement, enable "Specific to <Part x>" http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/a17db1345371221.jpg 6) Press Ok 7) Repeat for every beat marker where you want a section to BEGIN. 8) ??? 9) Profit! Now, some notes: 1) Use the "noguitar" section name (second to last one in the list) if you have a long part without any notes being played. This allows you to skip this section in RS2014. 2a) Always start a section on a beat that has a note on it. If your section starts on a beat marker that has no note at the same time, the section will not be selectable in RS2014. So, do NOT do this: http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/ea8f0c345371670.jpg 2b) In the rare case that your notes will start before or after a beat marker, cheat. Only do this AFTER you've synced up everything (in every arrangement) and AFTER you've confirmed that the section is not selectable if you put in on the beat marker before a note, like so: http://thumbnails111.imagebam.com/34538/56834a345371859.jpg If the section is not selectable in RR, just do the following: Make sure you do not have "Auto adjust notes" enabled Anchor the previous beat marker (select it and press "a") Drag the beat marker over the note Set the BPM back to what it was, and do NOT enable "Adjust Notes" Done! 3) There is nothing to "end" a specific section, besides the "noguitar" section. Sections end where the new section starts. Plan accordingly. 4) Don't be too stingy, and don't be too generous with sections. 5) If you have too many sections (I believe this starts to become a problem around 25 sections or so), RR might bug out a bit visually, and not show any bars. RR will still work, but the bars visual representation will just be bugged. If this is the case, refer back to note 4 (so, don't be too generous!) 6) RS2014 does not care how many choruses or verses there are. That's it. If I see any new CDLC from now on without proper sections I'll hunt you down!
  2. Hey there, pretty new to editing/creating cdlc files so I'm pretty lost. Some songs in my library that I've downloaded don't have any riff repeater sections, making certain parts difficult to learn. I've been playing around with eof and the rocksmith toolkit to try and edit files to include sections but to little avail. Has anyone tried doing this? Thanks for any help Edit: Found a tool that does exactly what I need to do. It can also sync up notes if need be! It's called the BPR tool and it super easy to use. Here is a link: http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/page-1 Thanks to Chlipouni for making it!
  3. Hello, My name is Ben and I have recently made a few CDLCs. However, some people have been requesting dynamic difficulty, and I know that there is a Creator that does it for you in RS Toolkit, but I can't figure out how to seperate the song into phrases. Can anyone help me? If so, that would be awesome
  4. i wanted to add sections in someones pscars because for some reason the dd sections arent rs sections (rr doesnt work) and even if they were they are placed in random spots. (also because he doesnt reply since its almost over a year old) so how do you delete the dd and sections because when i press delete dd it says warning there is one populated difficulty beyond the first 5 difficulties only the first 5 will export to midi, and when i press manage rs phases its not the list that i remember its just a difficulty list and if i press delete level then it will delete the notes that i want sooo im confused.
  5. I made a CDLC and put sections/phrases, when I play the RR they doesn´t work fine and I want to delete all the sections/phrases of a CDLC on Eof, how can i do that?
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