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  1. Ok solved, I put this DLL in the main game folder. Now I feel like I did this back when i first stardet downloading CDLCs but forgot. https://db.tt/nBVDjFiA
  2. I recently ugraded my windows 7 to 10 and reisntalled Rocksmith 2014. I redownloaded some of the CDLCs I used to have before but when I try to play them they either crash the game at the song confirmation or after the tuning check, the speakers in the background still work but I'm stuck watching the wall. Anyone with the same problem? The CLDCs I tried to play are "Hitohira no hanabira" and "Back in balck"
  3. Last question, how do i move the beat map/grid? :P Edit: also, if i copy a segment of notes with the rihgt fret hand position and i past it elsewhere, does it bring the fret hand postion as well?
  4. thank you! :) Do u know perhaps how to slide the wav track in EoF? Cause at this time i have it that starts 1 beat and a half from the -->4 marker (which is where i want it to start) Also, do you know how to erase a phrase marker?
  5. Hi everyone :), I'm having some trouble trying to phrasing and setting the fret hand position in my CDLC: 1) When setting the fret hand position I select the note and press Shif+F and the i write down the fret number (i assumed the number correspond to the index placement) but when i change the fret hand potion on the following note it over-writes the previous. What am i doing wrong? Also, is therethe possibility to have a note standing outside the 4 fret hand "rails" (i would like to have a note sliding in the fret hand rails from outisde)? 2) I have also a problem with phrasing, as far as i understand you have to select the fisrt note of a phrase and then doing Beat>Rocksmith>PlaceRsPhrase (or doinf Shift+P) and naming it. I tried and i kinda worked but when i go to name the next section it overwtrite the previous (i name the first phrase intro, the i select hte first note of the next frase and i name i verse but it simply change the name of the first)http://s29.postimg.org/nvy7zmchj/phrasing.png Here is a screenshot, the arrow points to the note i select to create the first phrase, the first note of the next phrase is out of the vision on teh far right. Also, I don't understand in general the difference between phrases and segments and how they work. The last thing is, once i declared a section, is there a way to make it repeat without copy paste it? (it would be nice because you wouldn't have to replace it everywhere after modifications) Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone :) I'm new here and I wanted to make a CDLC of this song Being a cover there are no tabs of it so I started to make them by my own on Guitar Pro 6. At this point I ended the Rythm guitar part and i wanted to test it but i can't import it in Eof. It can't see the file when i do Import from Guitar Pro, also it gives error when i try to load the XML version of it. It's my first time so i have no idea what to do. Thanks EDit: Here is the file http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/12441827/file.html
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