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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Came across a song that has 4 different BPMs. Is it possible to "associate" a section to a certain BPM in EoF? -Allowing for multiple BMPs in one song? i am able to do so in guitar pro but it doesn't replicate in EoF and if I try to change manually it changes the whole song's bmp, not just the phrase I want Just trying to figure out a way to edit less notes possible but it looks pretty bad...May have to redo the tabs myself instead of trying to make the circle fit in the square... Thanks.
  2. So I have tried to do a bunch of CDLC, yet they are all out of sync when I import them into EoF. In Guitar Pro they are all correct synced and have correct BPM, yet the BPM from the tab doesn't get imported into EoF. Is dragging the notes so they line up with the song really the only option? I'm trying to do black metal songs where there is a lot of tremolo picking so lining everything up is very hard. Also sometimes when I "Undo" if I made a mistake, the program crashes and I have to start everything over.
  3. History You all knew that tabs used beats(BPM anchors -vertical white lines in eof) for sync chart with audio. You know where you can get this BPM values for the song(even EOF can do that, just click BPM - > Estimate BPM -> OK). But when you deal with floatingUn-staticVariable BPM you better bless god that in this song BPM changes won't be more than 4-5 times, cause you know Tool songs and there very creative drummer so we got this kind of issue. How to Solve it? Use this software with presets that I recommend and you'll get 98% accuracy on generating BPM map(aka Beat Map) NOTE: You will need EOF minimum r1271 (now its RC9 r1302 and its ok, DL new version guys) Plus better add Leading silence(about 2000ms = 2 seconds) before song to get smooth start. Download and install Sonic Visualizer for you platform(I know that better get Audacity, but it can't export .svl file) Get plugin named QM-vamp-plugin(Queen Mary university stuff) direct link to v1.7 and link to QM plugin page *For windows* To install plugins open %Program Files%Vamp Plugins Now unpack plugin data there, a-a-a-and done, its installed. Open Program (Sonic Visualizer). Load you audio. Go to Transform menu, select "Analysis by category>Time>Tempo>Tempo and beat tracker: Beats". *You can adjust the plugin parameters in the window that pops up if you want to experiment, otherwise just click OK and wait a minute.* If you played song and you don't satisfied by results - use another plugin preset. Go to Transform menu, select "Analysis by category>Time>Tempo>Tempo and beat tracker: Beats". Set this values: Beat tracking method: new Onset detection function Type: Broadband Energy Rise or Spectral Difference Adaptive whitening: unchecked(this will mess up your BPM-map) *You can set one channel in advanced settings to make detection more accurate)* You can export the beat positions to a file that EOF can import. To do so, make sure that layer is still in the foreground (it is the selected layer tab on the side of the program) and use "File>Export annotation layer" Choose a place to save the file. *your project folder would be a good place*. In EOF, while your project is open, use "File>Sonic Visualiser Import" and select the file you just exported from that program. *The beat map will be updated to reflect the information in the file, and you can undo the changes if they didn't turn out the way you like*. That is it, I think its very progressive way to get BPM map and its not taking so long, but if you know actual BPM and its static you can sync tab with couple anchors :) Thanks to Me(Alex360), Raynebc, QM university team, Sonic Visualizer team, all other good peoples.
  4. Hello everybody. There is this one piece in the song "The Brain Dance - Animals As Leaders" that I have been having trouble learning, so I wanted to turn it into a cdlc to help me kinda visualize the tabs better. Unfortunately, the part im trying to learn is towards the end of the song, and there is a lot of BPM changes before it. When I put the tab in EOF, I can never get the part of the song im trying to learn to be synced with the audio because of all the notes before it and the BPM changes in the tab. Is there a way I can apply mid-song BPM changes in EOF, or is there a way I can cut all the notes before the piece I want to learn in EOF? I would just go and edit the original tab, but I have no experience in editing tabs and uploading them to a gp5 file. Any help or quick tutorials I can get? Thanks so much! P.S. I was planning on uploading a cdlc that I made, but there is one issue at the end regarding a bpm change.
  5. Hi All, Having an issue with tapping my lyrics into UltraStar and would like some help: Working on a project where the song is at 88bpm. When I enter the mp3 and lyrics into UltraStar, it defaults to 356bpm! That is ludicrous. So I clicked the padlock and manually changed it to 88bpm. It doesn't matter whether I re-lock the padlock or not, UltraStar changes it automatically to 356bpm. I therefore cannot tap this song at 88bpm! I tried using it at the 356bpm but when I import into EOF, the song is set at 88bpm but the lyrics are all out of synch. How can I fix this?
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