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Found 22 results

  1. *As I've taken a break from working on new CDLCs recently, I've noticed that many of my customs aren't at a quality level that I'd like, so I'll be slowly looking for ways to improve them with new tones, updated tabs, and any other improvements* RELEASED Against Me! - 333 Against Me! - Ache With Me Against Me! - Baby, I'm an Anarchist! Against Me! - Bamboo Bones Against Me! - Because of the Shame Against Me! - Bitter Divisions Against Me! - Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart Against Me! - Don't Lose Touch Against Me! - FUCKMYLIFE6
  2. Welcome to my workshop! I just wanted to create a post where I can update current projects and keep my CDLC organized as I upload more. In terms of what I chart, I usually create CDLC for whatever interests me at a particular moment; however, a majority of my charts are metal. I normally try to create CDLC with all three instrument paths, however rarely I will do bass only or lead only charts. I don't normally take requests, however if you know of a song you think I'd like (and have the gp5 and official, quality audio), maybe I'll give it a shot I try my best to cr
  3. Hello everyone, Welcome to my workshop. All my RS2014 Custom Songs are available here https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wvdocbac8inp8/ Rocksmith 2014 [*]Daft Punk - Aerodynamic [*]Dyonisos - Song For a Jedi [*]Ghinzu - 21st Century Crooners [*]Ghinzu - Do You Read Me [*]Ghinzu - Dragon [*]Jean Jacques Goldman - Encore Un Matin [*]Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah [*]JerryC - Canon Rock [*]Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl [*]Les Wampas - Manu Chao [*]M - Qui de nous deux [*]Muse - Butterflies & Hurricanes (HAARP) [*]Muse - Escape [*]Muse - Falling Away With You [*]Muse - Falling Down [*]Muse - Host
  4. Hey, this is my workshop page. I will be updating this with various things I am working on, future plans, and more. 10/22/2019: I noticed that with the site backup a couple of my latest charts were deleted, I will re-upload them soon. I am currently in the process of getting a new computer, so CDLC creation is on pause right now. I am also starting a full time job very soon, so my output is likely to slow considerably. Current plans: Rework my charts of JDA - DNA and add tones. I am currently getting the itch to just chart a whole album, not sure which though. Also, apparently there is goi
  5. Here is the custom songs i've made so far / Canciones que tengo hechas hasta ahora: International Songs: Avicii - Wake Me Up The Beatles - Julia Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You Madonna - La isla bonita No Doubt - Hella Good Paramore - When It Rains School of Rock - School of Rock Sting - Shape of My Heart The White Stripes - In The Cold Cold Night Spanish Songs: Ciro y Los Persas - Astros G.I.T. - La calle es su lugar Gustavo Cerati - Lago en el Cielo Hermética - Tu eres su seguridad Intoxicados - Quieren Rock Invisible - Niño condenado La Renga - Balada del diablo y la muerte Los Ro
  6. Welcome to my workshop! This is where I shall post all of my custom songs, upcoming songs, and current artists I am working on! About my CDLC: I am a huge metalhead, and as such, all of my custom songs shall be metal. I don't plan to stretch out to other genres, as I plan to keep my workshop metal oriented. I normally just chart songs/artists that I can think of, but I also take requests! About Requesting: So I usually take requests, so long as they are metal songs that you want. I normally chart all requests I get, no matter what sub genre it may be (NO CORE). There may be reasons tha
  7. CDLC for RS2014. Any announces would be posted here later :) == WIP == AFI - Medicate (canceled, JazzD made one) Should be something but not much that i really like. Request some maybe you'll get lucky. ;)
  8. Hi , this is a kind of a workshop , I would say. Where brains gather together and discuss the electric feel of groove , and maybe the groovy soul from the inside. . The purpose is that we together make a whole picture of the feeling of groove. For this task is , to me, extremly hard to do with words. Because words , in my opinion, dont cover the whole picture of what I feel inside when I feel the groove. And therefore the word does not correspond with the my reality (feelings) . So please take part in this discussion and bring to light the complexity of feelings happening when the groove
  9. Artist - Song Title(with link to custom) # Album # Tuning # Parts(DD) - CDLC Quality The Main Drag - A Jagged Gorgeous Winter # Yours as Fast as Mine # E Standard # Lead - Normal Kino(Кино) - Peremen(Перемен) # Oil(Нефть) # E Standard # Lead, Bass, Vocal(DD) - GOOD Sergei Shnurov - Speed # к/ф Бумер 2 (OST) # E Standard # Lead, Rhythm, Bass - GOOD Scooter - Fire # Age of Love # E Standard # Lead - Normal Horde - Invert The Inverted Cross # Hellig Usvart # E Standard # Lead(DD) - GOOD Intig - Falling # Dystymi # Drop D # Lead, Rhythm, Rhythm#2 - GOOD Intig - Longing For An End
  10. Any CDLC that is In-Progress or being planned will be listed here. Released: Fearless - Pink Floyd Ween - Ocean Man Ween - Captain Fantasy (Live) David Glen Eisley - Sweet Victory Jefferson Airplane - Good Shepherd Ween - The Mollusk - Many thanks to gubitza for this! Traffic - John Barleycorn Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain Mott The Hoople - Darkness Darkness - Still a WiP, but is playable. Led Zeppelin - All My Love Elton John - Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding George Harrison - Isn't It A Pity George Harrison - What Is Life - Adopted / Original Charter: Unknown - RS2012
  11. Just to help me keep track... COMPLETED: Angry Amputees - She Said... Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes Joy Division - Warsaw Reel Big Fish - Nothin' (Skacoustic) Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket Van Halen - Feel Your Love Tonight UPDATES IN PROGRESS: WORKS IN PROGRESS : Sublime - Date Rape TO FIX: Bracket - Trailer Park Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom Reel Big Fish - The Set Up (You Need This) Smashing Pumpkins - Geek U.S.A Sublime - April 29, 1992 (Miami) Sublime - Same In The End Sublime - All You Need Sublime - Seed The Distillers - For Tonight You're O
  12. Since this community has given me so many of AWESOME AWESOME CDLC I decided to at least try my best and give it something in return. This post will be used to announce my work in progress. Im hoping I'll do more than one song :) I'll mainly be focusing on Lead guitar & Vocals. To get myself started, i won't use any Dynamic Difficulty JUST YET! I gotta learn the ropes of making of CDLC first! On the same note, i won't be taking requests for now as I will focus on getting rest of the songs I adore into this game! (and hopefully there are some other people who will like them back). TL;DR:
  13. Hi there, I'm TheDarkBoco, I make mostly Anime,Video Game and Symphonic Metal customs. cosMO Feat. Hatsune Miku - Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Hatusne Miku) Kishida Kyoudan And The Akeboshi Rockets - Highschool of the Dead (Highschool of the Dead OP) Mastodon - Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife MELL - Red Fraction (Black Lagoon OP) Nightwish - Over the Hills and Far Away Nightwish - The Phantom of the Opera Nightwish - 10th Man Down wowaka Feat. Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl X-Japan - I.V.
  14. Soon I will update all of them!!! X:=Not Ready or Good (will be updated) Billy Talent songs: Billy Talent I: Billy Talent-Standing In The Rain X Billy Talent- Cut The Curtains X Billy Talent-Prisoners Of Today X Billy Talent-Lies X Billy Talent-Voices Of Violence X Billy Talent II: Billy Talent-Worker Bees X Billy Talent-Pins And Needles X Billy Talent-Covered In Cowardice X Billy Talent-The Navy Song X Billy Talent-Perfect World X Billy
  15. Hi, I'm creating this thread to keep all my customs, projects, ideas in one place. I know that my collection of cdlcs isn't impressive in comparison to other charters, but I think the number of them is growing in quite quick pace. Also, if you have a question that you want to ask me, make some suggestion or even discuss about something, you can do it here. My customs: Alien Ant Farm - Attitude Archive - Again Blur - You're So Great Franz Ferdinand - Right Action IamX - Missile Jim Croce - Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) Jim Croce - Time In A Bottle Kasabian - stevie Miles Kane - Re
  16. Hey guys! This is my first custom song ever, and I was looking to get some feedback on it before I even think about releasing it. Basically, I play bass guitar (and other than forgetting to insert silence in the beginning of the song, resulting in the song beginning immediately, which only affects the bass) I'm pretty sure the bass is spot on, but since I don't play guitar at all I have no idea about it, and it'd be great to get some feedback on the song while I'm fixing the whole "silence" issue (so bassists don't kill me!). If people like it and stuff I'll probably work on different di
  17. This is just a list of side projects that I'm working on C: : Key: Done! C: Working :D Planned (: Bones Exposed You're Not Alone The Storm Product Of A Murderer
  18. Okay guys, I can't do this. When I started my first CDLC all I could think of was "I can do it in a few hours. A day if I really want it to be perfect." but that is not how it is. I startet creating Alter Bridge-Rise Today about a week ago, and the more and more I look at it, the more and more I don't want to make it. The tabs are wrong (except for the intro/first verse. You can get the correct solo tabs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbvJhTGCBUQ), I tried adding lyrics with the guides (and failed), and now it just seems pointless to me. If anyone want to continue my work, then Here i
  19. Hi. I've just finished watching @@SkepticSquid's tutorial on how to make CDLC, and thought i could make a few customs from songs i like and have tabs for. Done: Anthrax - Medusa ☻Version 2-Added lead (needs testing)-Added proper preview☻Version 2.1-Fixed Volume☻Version 2.2/2.3-Fixed Volume (again)-Fixed Rythm Anthrax - Nothing ☻Version 1.0Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad ☻Version 1.0Anthrax - Deathrider ☻Version 1.1-Fixed tab synchro a li'l bit☻Version 1.2-Fixed volumeAnthrax - Got The Time ☻Version 1.0Working on a way to fix bass tabs.Judas Priest - Angel ☻Version 1.0Judas Priest - Beyond The
  20. Rush

    Rush Forge

    So far: Angra - Carry on http://customsforge.com/topic/817-carry-on/ Antonio Banderas & Los Lobos - Cancion del mariachi http://customsforge.com/topic/821-cancion-del-mariachi/ Aya Hirano - Lost my music http://customsforge.com/topic/786-lost-my-music/ Heroes del silencio - Malas intenciones http://customsforge.com/topic/824-malas-intenciones/ Judy and Mary - Sobakasu http://customsforge.com/topic/779-sobakasu/ Lisa Loeb - Stay http://customsforge.com/topic/822-stay/ Nana Kitade - Kesenai Tsumi http://customsforge.com/topic/789-kesenai-tsumi/ Nirvana - Come as you are
  21. Latest downloads available in Dropbox shared directory: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h8i5bzd38aqis6a/rBnUl-V92F I accept suggestions for ska songs with GP tabs available. On 2014-02-27 I uploaded improved packages for all 8 DLCs. I found out about possible shift of sync for the first few (16 or it may depend on actual time shift and BPM) measures caused by EoF import. Only Nostrand bass arrangement was affected and was fixed. I described my approach for sync and other charting process here. This process allows peer review and collaboration on making the tab and sync perfect (based
  22. hi guys, I need feedback on this one, anyone to test it (pc version, guitar lead and rythm, bass and vocal) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6wQt_8rv8a7RWdFbFRBME1PVG8/edit?usp=sharing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3M22tudM-Q&feature=kp
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