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Found 25 results

  1. Im trying to get to "cdlc ignition" but whenever i click on it, it sends me to a login screen and even when i enter the correct information it says i have the wrong information and cannot login. I cant get to ignition
  2. ignition doesn't work right for me since months. I cannot edit my own records nor give comments to others. So no updates are possible, that's crap. I already started a topic about that months ago, but no replies. Now this topic is gone? Or am I just stupid to find it? Have anyone the same problem, or is it just like blocked for me? I tried editing again today with the result "no permission for that". I have a feeling just wasting time on this site... I guess I need to take all my links off
  3. Hi there, I recently uploaded a new CDLC and everything went as usual. Later I discovered that the CDLC doesn't show up in my uploaded CDLC's (Ignition, Creators, Uploaded CDLC). Also I can't seem to find the upload via the search function of Ignition and also I can't open the record page (http://customsforge.com/index.php/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/50-iron-maiden-riffs-r44904) -> "Sorry, we couldn't find that!". I didn't have this strange error before and tried to contact the admins zanzibarnights and firekorn and didn't get an answer. Strangely I just
  4. Title. I'm on Edge on Win10. Try to log in, but as soon as I do and click the search feature, just get sent right back to login screen, despite already being logged in. I tried switching my browser over to Chrome, since that's supposed to be supported, but nope. Same exact problem. Also, didn't the button for the CDLC search used to have "Ignition" in the name? Somewhere in there? I don't recall the tab being called CDLC Search... maybe a minor detail, or maybe I'm just wrong. Anyone else? Any fixes besides simply switching browser and simply restarting or waiting (already tried)?
  5. I just tried to search for new songs I might know but currently don't think of. So i ordered songs by count of downloads (popular songs first) and tried to hide all i already have in my collection. Well i can't find a way to hide all songs in my collection which imho would be a great feature to have. Maybe I'm simply missing something. In any way help would be appreciated.
  6. Just tried to preview, i.e. listen, a song today in ignition and no sound came out. Tried it on Chrome Android and iOS to no avail. Chrome on Ubuntu did not work either.
  7. Hi, I'm new to Sourceforge and it's a incredible place for Rocksmith and guitar players. I'd like to download a lot of songs from Ignition, but I only achieve to do it one by one. So I'd like to know if there's a way to download multiple songs at once? I read Collections are used to follow songs changes. Is there a way to download or update all songs in a collection? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm new to Sourceforge and it's a incredible place for Rocksmith and guitar players. I'd like to download a lot of songs from Ignition, but I only achieve to do it one after the other. So I'd like to know if there's a way to download multiple songs at once? I read Collections are used to follow songs changes. Is there a way to download or update all songs in a collection? Thanks.
  9. Nothing important, but after changing my username a while back I noticed that it still has my old username for all of my CDLC under "Created by..." in each song's info.
  10. Hey guys, Im new at creating CDLC's but I try my best! Although Im having a problem. When I submit my upload through the Ignition>Creators>Submit it won't actually come up at Ignition. It's only uploaded in the forums. And if you search the song through Ignition it wont show up. One of my CDLCs though made it somehow, I dont really know what is happening, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance! vvv Below you'll see what Im talking about vvv Ignition: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/the-calamity-r34266 No Ignition: http:
  11. Hello, I've read through the FAQ, and couldn't find another post with this same issue. Whenever I access Ignition, the default Browse listing to me shows all artists alphabetically, like so: Normally I've had to refresh the Browse tab in Ignition by clicking on the green refresh icon, but I can't seem to figure out how to consistently filter it so that it shows all new additions and updates, with new songs since my last visit highlighted. That view doesn't seem to have any Groupings to it, so no drop-down arrows. Sometimes the refresh works, often times it does not. Is there a way to
  12. Hi gang, Sorry, I suppose that topic has already been discussed but I wasn't able to find anything. I was just thinking it would be quite useful if we were able to check the overall quality of DLCs by having a rating system. Maybe using different criteria, fidelity to the original track, tuning, audio quality, etc. + overall Another thing in the same idea could be difficulty, either selected by the CDLC maker of the community. Also, could be nice to have the information on the source used to make the CLDC (official tabs, amateur tabs on the web, personal interpretation...) And finally,
  13. I've tried using the DLC 'store' in both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but in both browsers, I'm experiencing an issue where I can't just type a word because it's erasing some of my characters as I'm typing. I think this has to do with it's attempting to load results as I'm typing more of the term. For example, if I try to type, "Breaking Benjamin" without stopping It'll end up with something like Bakn Bejain because it's not "remembering" some of my key strokes.
  14. I recently submitted 3 new CDLC they appear In Ignition and are working just fineand are able to download. However when you click on the CDLC you do not get the record overlay. Where you can click on video or leave a message. I notice it does it on other people CDLC as well. Some work fine others don't. Anyone know why. as example search Danger Mouse - Revenge you should see what i mean. Thanks in advance for your response
  15. So yesterday I posted this song and I noticed that whenever I clicked on the record shown on Igniton nothing would show up. At first I thought the problem was related to my account, but now I have asked a friend of mine to try getting to the song page through Ignition and he had the same problem.
  16. So I signed up about 1 week ago and I still have not been allowed to enter the CDLC Ignition area which is where I'm assuming all of the custom songs are. When I click on any part of CDLC ignition it loads to a blank google error page. It says in the FAQ that I need to verify my email before I can enter ignition however I have not received any verification emails nor do I know how to get one sent to me. Please help.
  17. i always was logged in and didn't have this problem before (i always use Internet Explorer). yesterday i used CCleaner on my computer after a long time i didn't use, then i had to log in again. after i did it when i try to enter CDLC IGNITION it asks me to sign in, i do it, but it takes me to the home page, then i try to enter and it happens again...log out and in didn't help. i tried to enter with Google Chrome and it works, but i prefer to stay in Internet Explorer... i don't want much do use CCleaner again because everytime i use it it messing my favourites' places/order. please help me to
  18. Not sure where else to post this, but it would be very convenient to users if there was an option in Ignition to "Hide" specific artists. I think this feature would be even more useful than the "Favorite" artist feature. I can't speak for everyone, but probably about 98% of Submitted DLC I don't care for and will never be interested in playing. I've dabbled in database and website programming in the past, and I know this would be an incredibly simple feature to implement.
  19. Hello all, First I want to say, I hope this is the right subforum, if not please correctly place it. I submitted a new cdlc, and while searching through the request board, I noticed that it was requested. I was unable to find a way to mark it as created and let everyone know that it is done/link them to it. Is there a way to do this? If so how? Thanks in advance for any answers!
  20. Created my account and was able to view the search tool earlier, but now it keeps asking me to login even though i'm already logged in. Read the FAQ and it says i may need to verfiy my email, but i never recieved an email to do so. Checked in my junk folder as well and nothing. Can anyone help?
  21. My question is, is there a way to recall all the song you've personally placed in your collection? Just to see them all in a list. Because I saved some for later now I want to get back to them and start to download them. Any help? thanks.
  22. I click on Ignition, it asks me to login but I'm already logged. I type the user and password again but still can't access to it. Help :mellow:
  23. I'd like to see: A toggle to show the comments, so we can see what has been updated. Display if the song has a Custom Tone or not. When you download it should auto subscribe you to that song to be notified of updates. A list of all the songs I have downloaded, and what ones have been updated that I haven't gotten yet, would be nice as well. Ratings for each track being displayed, would also be nice.
  24. I think it would be nice to be able to sort artists by genre (as an option). I always like discovering new bands and playing new songs. This would be a great way to find new music to play that sounds like the bands we like.
  25. First thing wow! To all of the developers who have put time and effort into Ignition - Thank you! This looks really slick, and I'm really excited to learn more about its functionality. I've peen playing around with it for ten minutes or so, and I have a question about Collections. I see that it already added all of the songs that I have charted, which is cool, but is there a way to tell it what the other songs I have previously downloaded are, so it could add them to my Collection? Or, will I have to find them all and add them manually? Also, is there a way to import my preferred artis
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