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  1. Yep, looks like it. Firefox under Windows was the only way to get sound. Everything else looks pretty much broken or shut off. If you use Linux and/or Chrome, then the preview in Ignition is pretty much dead due to it using Flash and other stuff that is not deemed secure by most browser/OS combinations. And on mobile devices it does not work at all. Oh well, it was worth a try.
  2. On 4 different devices with different OS? Oookeeey....Give me your setup and I can start comparing.
  3. Possible. I just spot checked a dozen random songs throughout the Ignition DB and none do work with the preview play button, even if a video is linked to the song. So I assume this feature is broken as is, possibly due to changes that were done on the side of Youtube, but not implemented in Ignition.
  4. Yep, when the info panel opens, I can click on the youtube link and it will play it. Oh well, I keep trying...
  5. Seems to be the case for more or less all entries in Ignition, at least in my setup :)
  6. Just tried to preview, i.e. listen, a song today in ignition and no sound came out. Tried it on Chrome Android and iOS to no avail. Chrome on Ubuntu did not work either.
  7. And if you can choose between an onboard soundcard and a pci model, definitely choose the onboard soundcard as you primary device. I got RS 2014 to run on a 4+ year old Intel NUC i5 box with almost no latency you could hear or feel.
  8. Works like a charm, fix confirmed :)
  9. When selecting the song packs section of the application an error window appears with the title "Extraction failed" and the message <ERROR> extracting song cache ...FAILED Clicking OK will close the window and the log says it has the SongPacks GUI activated. [2018/08/28 18:13:05]: Raw songs count: 95[2018/08/28 18:13:05]: Finished parsing took: 00:00:00.0381696[2018/08/28 18:13:05]: Populating SetlistManager GUI ...[2018/08/28 18:13:05]: Loaded File: appSettings.xml[2018/08/28 18:13:05]: Loaded File: dgvSetlistMaster.xml[2018/08/28 18:13:06]: Setlist Manager GUI Activated...[2018/08/28 18:13:07]: Saved File: dgvSetlistMaster.xml[2018/08/28 18:13:07]: Setlist Manager GUI Deactivated ...[2018/08/28 18:13:07]: SongPacks GUI Activated ...[2018/08/28 18:13:51]: GUI Refreshed ... This can be reproduced by clicking on "Rescan all Song Packs" in the same tab.
  10. Try to set LatencyBuffer to 1 and MaxOutputBuffersize to 1024 . Start the game and if you hear crackling and ugly noise in the intro, just Alt-F4 out of the game and set LatencyBuffer to 2. But if you hear clean sounds, then go with LAtencyBuffer 1 and lower the OutputBuffer by 256, 128 or similar increments until you hear crackling. Revert to the last value with clean sound and you should be good to go. Start the game and see if the latency got better. There are also speaker systems like TV soundbars, Logitec UE Boom or Sonos Play that will introduce enough latency to drive you crazy. They can add up to 70ms or more. Also wireless headsets or BT Speakers are usually a no go. It is also a good idea to disable HDMI audio and other input/output audio devices you do not need on the computer.
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