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  1. Where did you get your dtxmania files from? I'm looking for them.
  2. Any independent artists who are members of customsforge putting their songs on rocksmith? I'd like to hear them and play them.
  3. There are a couple of problems with stuff like that... Some charters, like myself, create CDLC in nearly an hour, so the updates would be pointless, in that instance. Another problem would be those who start working on a CDLC, and update the 'progress bar', may not even finish the CDLC. So if someone else was going to make it and checked the progress bar, saw that it was like 50%, that someone else would just move on to another project, assuming that the CDLC would be made. In all reality, it doesn't take very long to make a CDLC. IMO, If someone said that they were going to work on a certain
  4. I was looking at the FUSE preview and it looks awesome. I thought it might be cool to have a progress bar for the request area, where the song that are "in progress" would show from red to green or from 5%, then 10%, then 50% until it was finished. I guess it might be controlled by creators who clicked in updates to how far they are along. Something that would get people excited and awaiting the track being almost done. Just thought that might be cool. Unless that is one of the features that has not been shown.
  5. My question is, is there a way to recall all the song you've personally placed in your collection? Just to see them all in a list. Because I saved some for later now I want to get back to them and start to download them. Any help? thanks.
  6. Playing Guitar

  7. Is there a way to isolate your collection from the cdlc search

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