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  1. I disagree that charting is a "bad experience." It's just what you make of it. If you're not enjoying it, than maybe charting for rocksmith just isn't for you. I've made over 100 CDLC and haven't had a bad time. Being thanked by people or seeing youtube videos of your charts can be nice, but I think you should just enjoy what you do.
  2. Nothing important, but after changing my username a while back I noticed that it still has my old username for all of my CDLC under "Created by..." in each song's info.
  3. I was able to add it using the title you suggested.
  4. I was trying to submit my CDLC "Away" by Breaking Benjamin, but I'm getting the "Sorry, you don't have permission for that" message saying that it's an official DLC song. I'm guessing that because "Blow me away" is official DLC, the titles are too similar and it's thinking I'm trying to submit that.
  5. Select every note that you want the fingering removed and go to: Note -> Rocksmith -> Clear fingering. If you then do the right fingering for one of the notes for each different chord and save it should copy for all of the missing ones.
  6. I was having this same problem after the most recent update. The way I got around it was just to delete the RS toolkit and download it again without updating it to the most recent version (the update prior to that). After that, DD worked fine. Not sure if that was the kind of solution you were looking for, or if you just already solved it.
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