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Found 19 results

  1. Hello guys! here is the thing. I'm working on the version 2.0 for the Legions Of The Dead cdlc and I only need this little assistence for the final part. For the Solo part in the song the bass and guitars have more notes than just the palm muted 0's. You can see it at minute 2:23 in the live video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3wa-vEGqo And this is my tab in Guitar Pro. Can you tell if it's like the first 2 compasses or the other 2?
  2. Hello All, I am looking to dip my toe into creating CDLC and would like to start off with my favourite band Ocean Colour Scene. I have the original tab books that I purchased back in the 90's but I am struggling to transfer them into Guitar Pro. I get lost with the multiple guitar parts and how to enter certain musical notation. Could anyone point me in the direction of a guide or a YouTube video to assist me with this? or even willing to transfer them for me if I provide scans of the books? Looking forward to receiving some help and then giving back to this awesome community!
  3. So I'm a total noob in creating CDLC but i did not find anything with searching the forums. I tried today creating my first CDLC and came accross the problem that i have 4 different tab tracks inside the guitar pro file. As I tried to import the second Tab, EOF just giving me an error which says there are already notes in this difficulty. I'm pretty sure theres a way to sort of merge them to get a Lead and Rhythm Track but i just couldn't figure out how. So theres my question, how do i merge or combine the guitar parts ? Thx for any help
  4. I've noticed a lot of charters mentioning that they got Tabs from Songsterr lately. There sure is a lot of new stuff there, since the last time I looked. If you want to extract the Guitar Pro Tabs, you have to join, but not pay (unless you want to.) You've got to switch to the old version, allow Flash in Settings on your browser, and hit Submit a New Revision, before you get the GPx you want, then download it. Then you skip the upload after all. Bit of a fiddle, but it sure is worth it. They are of variable quality with tracks missing sometimes, or even whole parts, but it definitely beats transcribing it all yourself or importing midis. Some have all the bends, slides Hos and Pos all done nicely for you to put straight into EoF. The old version with this loophole may not be around forever so best to download the GPxs you want now. Just mentioning this in case you hadn't noticed or couldn't get it to work. Hope this helps somebody make a few customs easier.
  5. Hi all, When I first tried to create a CDLC, I gave a try to UltraStar Creator, and it really is fun, almost a game... But in terms of accuracy, it's not really ideal. So I'v created a little tool that convert a MusicXML output from Guitar Pro into the TXT lyrics file based on USC's output. So far it's just a Visual Studio project with no UI not even a command line, but both could be done quite easily. It's probably not bug-proof, but worked perfectly for the 2 titles I converted. Questions: - Does that kind of tool already exist? - If it was user-friendly, do you think people here would be interested? - To the dev community of CustomForge, I don't mind giving my source / helping with it if you'd like to make it part of a bigger toolkit, let me know if it's the case. Cheers
  6. This is my basic workflow for making the song. This is also good approach for quick check if it's worth to do the song (checking out the tab). Disclaimer: This is not the only one approach but it's the best practice for minimizing manual frustrating error-prone work and it allows you to actually go back and fix anything in the sync, tab, sections or phrases easily. (You can use this tutorial even if you later decide to maintain chart completely in EoF.) Note for tabbing: I have found GP/GPA combo to be great for creating tabs from scratch - I figure out the BPM, sync the measures and progressively fill them up with notes (hearing GP tab immediately or slowing down the GPA playback and playing along the song is great help). Repeat signs: I didn't have any issues in GPA so you can do this later, but you might need to replace repeats to avoid EoF import issues and I don't recommend to import GP3 format. Without repeats you also get more control over partitioning phrases/sections. Replacing repeats is trivial in TuxGuitar once you get hold of it: 1. remove start and end sign (note the number at the end sign = N) 2. copy those measures (all tracks, you want to copy all instruments) 3. go to the next measure and let TuxGuitar paste it in new measure N times (otherwise it will be overwritten) 4. if it is alternate ending, you need to do one additional paste at the last (alternate ending) measure Synchronization 1. You should have correct GP tab prepared and also MP3 file, it will be hard to sync if notes in tab are not in place. Make sure you have at least one empty measure at the start (otherwise you will need to do the sync again later). 2. Install Go PlayAlong and load GP and MP3 files into it. You might want to add few seconds of silence first if it starts too soon, you can use Audacity and its Generate -> Silence function. It is possible to add it later too and set EoF project Delay value but it always keeps bugging you to convert it to empty measures which you shouldn't do if you follow this approach. 3. Place some links on notes and peaks of the waveform, preferably only on measure boundaries, don't try to fix the tab by overriding the timing (especially if you are trying to sync both guitar and bass at once). Do this manually for the whole song to ensure high precision. Hardest point is the start, you should make sure you get it right, doing high frequency (guitar or loud drum beats) is easiest, but you need to check if both arrangements are in sync once you're done. Use zoom and slow down the playback to make this easier. If you place first link after the actual first note of arrangements you care about, go back and place a link before them too to avoid possible EoF import issue (measures up to first link will be shifted forward/backward depending on where the first measure fits). discussion 4. Check if the result is correct for all relevant arrangements. 5. Export. Licensed GPA is needed to do this but it's absolutely essential, you can calculate BPMs manually but there will be a lot of imprecisions this way and I don't recommend it. (If export fails, check artist/songbook name and remove any space in front of it.) 6. Now you can create EoF project and import XML file with Guitar Pro import. If you don't need to change timing you will never have to do this again, you can clear sections/phrases and notes and import them directly from GP file if you fix anything. 7. Now you are ready to save and create a package with toolkit. Be sure to save package template for future rebuilds (each arrangement has unique IDs which identify score and progress in Rocksmith). There is also fairly recent feature of slowing down playback in EoF which is a great help for checking note sync but everything should be the same as in GPA. Phrases and sections (Make sure you use EoF r1300 and later to prevent phrase import issues.) Note that you can manage section and phrase names directly in GP tab (section names and text markers), I use alternate EoF setting for importing phrases from section names and sections from text markers on first beat of measure. If you intend to split phrases and sections differently or name them differently you need to keep separate GP tabs and EoF project for each arrangement (I recommend it, having correctly labeled phrases and noguitar sections for both bass and guitar adds a lot to the chart quality). Sections (text markers) need to be on the first beat of measure and phrase name (measure marker) is required at the same position. Section is the part that is selectable in riff repeater. You can name phrases whatever you want but you should use the same name for this particular phrase throughout the tab, this will instruct Rocksmith to advance them at once. Section names are restricted to these Rocksmith names (use only the word in quotes, EoF accepts both forms but the first one is canonical): {"intro", "Intro"}, {"outro", "Outro"}, {"verse", "Verse"}, {"chorus", "Chorus"}, {"bridge", "Bridge"}, {"solo", "Solo"}, {"ambient", "Ambient"}, {"breakdown", "Breakdown"}, {"interlude", "Interlude"}, {"prechorus", "Pre Chorus"}, {"transition", "Transition"}, {"postchorus", "Post Chorus"}, {"hook", "Hook"}, {"riff", "Riff"}, {"fadein", "Fade In"}, {"fadeout", "Fade Out"}, {"buildup", "Buildup"}, {"preverse", "Pre Verse"}, {"modverse", "Modulated Verse"}, {"postvs", "Post Verse"}, {"variation", "Variation"}, {"modchorus", "Modulated Chorus"}, {"head", "Head"}, {"modbridge", "Modulated Bridge"}, {"melody", "Melody"}, {"postbrdg", "Post Bridge"}, {"prebrdg", "Pre Bridge"}, {"vamp", "Vamp"}, {"noguitar", "No Guitar"}, {"silence", "Silence"}"noguitar" section is used for silent parts and is excluded from Riff Repeater. If only one arrangement is silent then you should make a copy of GP tab and EoF project and do different version of section naming. If you want to see purple bars in the song chart you need to have more than one difficulty. I wouldn't do that manually in EoF, you can use either DDC or I use a script to do exact copy so I have 2 identical levels. Technique import (My notes about how EOF imports various techniques and known issues, if you know about some, let me know.) Should work (let me know if you notice issues): - Note/chord - Palm mute - Sustain - Accent - Slide to note/chord - Dead note/chord - Hammer on/pull off - Slap/pop - Vibrato (only single frequency, probably only visual effect) - Tremolo (see import issues) - Harmonic (& harmonic pinch?) - Tap - Bend - Chord notes techniques should be mostly supported Some issues: - Tremolo - EOF project needs to be set to remove difficulty limitations - Slide to no destination exports as 1 fret slide - Trill - according to @@raynebc it needs to be converted to hammer-on/pull-offs (discussion) - Arpeggio chord outline can be added if you add chord notes as ghost notes and then manually set Arpeggio mark with Ctrl+Shift+G in EoF at each arpeggio appearance Unsupported import to EOF: - Unpitched slides (no TuxGuitar support?) - Chord slides limited to same offset? Unsupported techniques in RS2 (ignored): - Ghost note (effect) - Grace note (effect) - Dotted (lenghtened duration) - Staccato (shortened duration) - swing/shuffle or Triplet? (duration) Additional tips I recommend starting off with official song and DLC tones (in manifest files), choose one that fits and improve it. You need to use toolkit to unpack game and DLC psarc files to access them and then import them to your toolkit template (you can import your new or modified tones from RS profile too). Some tones of interest: - punk distortion: Versus Them - 6AM Salvation - clean ska guitar: Weezer - Say It Ain't So - Filter Clean - tight punk bass: Clash - London Calling - deep bluesy bass: Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign - dubby bass: Clash - Guns Of Brixton - reverb clean guitar: Disonaur - Space Ostrich - jazz clean: (couldn't find any official so I customized one for Le Chat) TuxGuitar is a free replacement for Guitar Pro, also supports PTB tabs. Latest SVN version can read GPX (GP6) but you need to build it yourself (run "mvn clean package" in "build-scripts/$PLATFORM" depending on your target operating system). (Update: here's a ZIP with Windows version https://www.dropbox.com/s/zcwzmptqxgrp9om/tuxguitar-1.3-SNAPSHOT-windows-x86.r1104.zip - requires Java)
  7. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. Recently I've been working on charting a song that's in drop D. There's three different guitarists, the latter of the which shows up for a solo in the end. I've been working on putting the "main" parts of each of the guitars all into one tab so that people playing will get the full experience of all of the solos. However, in the last solo, he's tuned in Eb Standard. Is there some way I can change the tab around, or change some sort of settings in EoF to help adapt for this? I admittedly don't know that much about guitars, or tuning for that matter, so I apologize in advance if it's a dumb question. I also have GP6 if there's anything I can do in there to fix this problem.
  8. Hey Guys, I have a song with an intro which leads into the main song but these are two separate Guitar Pro files, is there any way to import these into Editor On Fire without overwriting each other? The obvious answer seems to just merge them into one Guitar Pro file and then import. Thanks.
  9. Is it possible to author a slide after a sustain in EOF using GP tie notes? I have this Guitar Pro tab: http://i.imgur.com/HWW9w4i.png As shown in the notation, I want to sustain the double stop 5xx6 for a sixteenth, then slide to 12xx13 during the course of an eighth, play that double stop, then sustain again. It's a 'Shift Slide', not a 'Legato Slide'. However, when I import the tab into EOF, I get this: http://i.imgur.com/jIM0qlm.png As you can see, EOF seems to have read the tie notes as actual played notes, which I don't want. Could anyone help out? This issue has been bothering me for quite some time. Thanks.
  10. How can i do this? I want to copy this to guitar pro: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/b/billy_talent/prisoners_of_today_ver5_tab_1145113id_09042012date.htm
  11. I want to make this song in the future : I didn't find any guitar pro tabs in the internet,so if anyone link me a guitar pro tab or do this for me(the guitar pro file),i would be very greatful!
  12. I'm trying to make my first CDLC song for Rocksmith, but i'm stonewalled by EOF. It won't import my guitar pro tabs. The tabs are made on Guitar Pro 6, which is supported, isn't it? What's wrong?
  13. Hey there! I love this Forum so much, even though i'm simply not able to contribute by making CDLC - makes me even happier to still be able to download the great work all of you are doing - so thank you! My Idea: Sometimes i'ts easier to learn a little part of a Song (maybe the last 10 notes that are in one rifrepeater part that is about 90 notes long - and you don't need to play the first 80 notes because you already can play them perfect) by looking at a Tab. Wouldn't it be great to know which Tab the Maker of the CDLC File used? Because there are hundreds of different ways to play a part - i think we all know that. So maybe if we click the first link and get to the stats, were all the useful facts are noted like tuning, supported instruments and so on, there could be a category where a link to the Guitar pro file, ASCI Tab etc. is provided. Sorry for my bad english - tried my best ;) And even without that feature i love you guys!!
  14. Quick Question: is it possible to use other Tab Editor software such as Tux?? Being that its free?? Can EoF import that song file?? Cheers, Just a Newb_bomber and I'm looking to make my own CDLC to share... #learning_Curve
  15. Hello there! I've got a question about frethand mutes in EOF / Guitar Pro. I have a guitar pro file that looks like this: http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh283/pipiclub/fhmgp.jpg I imported that into EOF and I get it in RS like that: http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh283/pipiclub/fhmutes.jpg So in general its okay - I just would like to have it aestheticly improved so that the frethand mutes are displayed on the same frets as the chords - How can I tell GuitarPro that the mutes should be on the 10th fret? Thank you very much!
  16. Anyone able to help me set up my tabs in guitar pro? I have the notes in but I can't get the timings right. I can supply the tabs I used, the MP3, and Guitar pro file. Any help would be great thanks.
  17. Hello everyone :) I'm new here and I wanted to make a CDLC of this song Being a cover there are no tabs of it so I started to make them by my own on Guitar Pro 6. At this point I ended the Rythm guitar part and i wanted to test it but i can't import it in Eof. It can't see the file when i do Import from Guitar Pro, also it gives error when i try to load the XML version of it. It's my first time so i have no idea what to do. Thanks EDit: Here is the file http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/12441827/file.html
  18. Can I make a note that starts on an arbritary fret and ends on a determined fret? Some thing like /9, without choosing the fret to start the slide. Because I have a tab in Guitar Pro that have a slide like that, I tried importing in EOF and it put the note one fret lower and makes it slide to the note I want, which is not showed in game ¬¬ http://i.imgur.com/3ytvY1F.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/DlUm6hv.png?1
  19. I trying to figure out how to make a CDLC without it having the background song. I want to make lessons and exercises without the music. I am using Guitar Pro files when I import the tracks. I had to use a random Mp3 in EOF. Is there a way to remove the song? I guess I could use a silent MP3. If anybody know a better way or technique please let us know.
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