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  1. The Tabs I have are in a .txt file that I need put into a GP file. I have GP6 and my musical knowledge is VERY limited, I'm self taught from youtube and Rocksmith for about a year now on the bass. My Grandpa gave me the guitar so I want to play a song for him that he likes, but no one makes files for Merle Haggard lol
  2. I need help putting tabs into guitar pro, I can't get the right timings and I don't know enough about the software to fix it myself. I have the tabs and the mp3 files. If interested please let me know thanks!
  3. Anyone able to help me set up my tabs in guitar pro? I have the notes in but I can't get the timings right. I can supply the tabs I used, the MP3, and Guitar pro file. Any help would be great thanks.
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