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Found 7 results

  1. I'm having an issue with tempo changes. For example in the song Tears Don't Fall by Bullet For My Valentine, the tempo for the solo is 190bpm while the rest of the song is 162bpm. If I include the tempo changes in the track in EOF, after importing it into rocksmith 2014 I encounter a problem where the song just hangs and won't start. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong. The official DLC for Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against includes tempo shifts so I would assume the game supports them.
  2. Hi there! I am Saka and I have an important question regarding EOF ( It's BPM specifically) if anyone can answer. So, What I'm trying to do; Sync Lead, Rhythm, and Bass arrangements up. What was accomplished; I've Synced the starting note for all arrangements at the beginning and up to 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through. Problem; When I change the ending BPM to a faster beat after slowing the beat down for the last BPM change, the notes are cutoff for going off-track/ending of song. So far I've tried almost every possible combination to get around this 'cut' but it ends up happening either way or the notes do not end up being on the right beat. Question; Could someone care to explain or if there is anyway at all around this situation as I've transcribed 27 CDLC so far but this bands (Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas) Tempo specifically constantly changes which makes it all the more harder to comprehend at times. Thank you for those who take the time to read this and reply or give advice.
  3. After having - synced a project in EOF (with a lot of anchors and different BPM inbetween) - added silence and an offset to 0 (additional beat) I sometimes would like to - import a complete alternate GP5 for comparison - import a part of a GP5 consisting of some corrected/alternate bars (i.e. Solo) in an unused track. Tabs are imported in EOF at the 1st beat, with the BPM of these starting positions. Am I missing something in EOF, (or has this been answered before ?) but it doesn't seem possible to import a Gp5 in EOF at the closest/next beat of the current position (green vertical line) and respect the BPM of these positions. Solutions : 1. In EOF "Beat - Push Offset up" to remove the starting empty pause beat. Import the GP5 Then "Beat - Push offset back/to zero" to restore the starting pause beat. (only possible if the GP5 starts at the first bar/beat, not possible to insert a GP5 anywhere) 2. Adding empty bars and pauses in GP5 (the imported part gets imported at the right beat) a single bar (in case of importing a GP5 starting at the first beat, which will be 2nd beat in EOF) 19 bars (in case of importing a partial GP5 starting at the 20th beat in EOF) 3. Starting a 2nd instance of EOF Import the alternate/partial GP5 Copy notes and paste them at the current position (green line) in the 1st instance of EOF Locate the 1st Tech Notes in the 2nd instance of EOF, move the green line to the right position in the 1st instance of EOF copy and paste Tech Notes. Or is their a more immediate way ?
  4. I want to create a CDLC to learn a specific song. I have found a Tab file and used osu! to get the BPM. In osu! it seems the BPM are perfect, so I put the BPM into Editor on Fire and imported the song. At first it seemed just fine, but at a certain part of the song (https://youtu.be/_QEvf3OFL0E?t=52) it seems to get out of sync with the notes despite the beat being fine in general. I don't really know what to do. Is there an easy way in EoF to copy and paste multiple notes? because I could probably fix the riff somehow but I am too lazy to tab everything out from that point when I have an almost perfect tab file. Will share the song of course when done. thx!
  5. Hey everyone! I've been wanting to create a tutorial like this for some time, and I finally got around to it :) Hopefully some of you will find it helpful, and feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have: For further insights into using the spectrogram, you can refer to @@albatross213 's post here (sorry for the numeric dyslexia when I mentioned your name in the video). Also, would anyone like to see any other EoF- based tutorials? If so, which topics would be the most helpful to you? Let me know here
  6. Hello dear people, so I am having another run at creating customs. This is like my 3rd try that I sart. I gave it up 2 times last year because It seemed too complicated and I was going crazy with EOF. Seriously - I believe that all those people creating customs must be somehow geniuses. I went with a newer tutorial vid on youtube by Rapidfire films... and everything seemed so easy and well fitting - right now I am again close to smashing my PC into pieces. I would like to get at least one song done before I probably will never lay hands on this diabolical tool again. And I would like to ask for some help - I dont want to repost questions, but I couldnt find my answer with the search tool or by clicking though the forum threads. - I am working with Guitar Pro 6. I downloaded a gp5 file, changed the speed and saved it... now I have a gpx file. It seems to me that EOF can't import Guitar Pro 6 files... am I right? Does it only work with Guitar Pro 5? - The song I want to create is the following: The speed changes two times during the song... I soon discovered that the the BPM rate in the original GP-File is wrong.. so I adjusted it in EOF after I imported the mp3 - for that tried to get the right speed with an online beats per minute calculator (http://www.beatsperminuteonline.com). I am now dragging the white lines around for hours to fit it with the snare of the drumbeat but this leads to the BPM-rate changing with every beat (92,95,97,92,93,...) I see no other solution than to adjust every single beat, but this seems horribly time wasting. I also belive that the drummer of the band cant hold the same speed at all. Are there some opinions on this? Or is it just syncopated all the time? I haven't even imported the guitar pro file and it already seems impossile to get synchronized. Thank you very much!
  7. Ive make a couple of Clutch CDLCS that have turned out ok, right now just trying to figure out how everything works so I can share some decent charts. This song is giving me issues with the tempo changes. It starts at 4/4 and changes to 2/4,5/4 and 7/8. I'm not great at reading the waveform yet so syncing the notes has been a bitch. Any advice, or should I just move on to something easier and attempt this when I'm better using EOF?
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