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  1. Most taxing in speed is the OS. Too many PC where sold cheap with an early windows 7 on board, when they really could not handle it, once one started updates and software installations. They have there ways to keep you buying new hardware :lol: Why not install and try an XP as a second OS ? Or Linux ?
  2. I recommend the great classic Procol Harum - A whiter shade of pale
  3. I recommended : For easy updates, save all exercises in a subdir of DLC (DLC\Exercises) remove doubles
  4. You mean Aludog's custom? I'll check them, guess it's time to use that dusty bass guitar ;)
  5. I was wondering about this group, and now I see his Author got banned, so I point to my project of standardized exercises http://customsforge.com/topic/21763-you-exercises-the-rs14-collection-standardized/
  6. Thanks for your advice : I'm rather annoyed playing Buckethead in E and then Eb, then back in E here how it works
  7. I'm confident that open source projects will always surpass commercial programs, once the latter have drained the market out of profit. It happened with Guitarhero, Rockband, Singstar, it will happen with Rocksmith. Rocksmith is a much more sophisticated software, and still young, and it may take some more years of ageing to see it being bypassed. I congratulate you for being a pioneer in this project and wish you luck and courage. B)
  8. I guess the alternate tuning is virtual, and the strings still resonate by their physical tuning. Hearing 2 different tunings, isn't that disturbing, i.e. when playing softer clean or acoustic songs?
  9. This was a feature in the previous version, RS2012, and was not implemented in RS2014
  10. When I came to customsforge early 2014, the "You" concept was already existing in the previous forum of smithy anvil, I took over. The concept got lost when new charters came later on. Changes to Z is not an fundamental improvement to the principle that Lessons should list together, and would be more of an annoyance for all the users used to "You". and I would rather list it first with a "0"
  11. I made a topic to organize, improve and standardize lessons cdlc at you-exercises-the-rs14-collection-standardized/
  12. Notice that the powerchord is caracterized by it's note played by the index finger, and that the pinky is always the same note. If it's an A5 the pinky plays an A and the index finger plays an A, which gives the chord more "body".
  13. Decomposing this important shape of chord, it's basically the shape of Em Emaj and Am on open strings. So you can train them there with fingers mid, ring, tiny (instead of using the index) It may also be easier to train the chords with barre on higher fret positions, as the distance between the frets is smaller, and the position for the index finger is also easier to align with the frets. To sound clean, the index finger should lie closest to the fret iron. I recommend Buckethead's : Walk on the Moon, which uses these chords on higher frets, and transitions are comfortably slow
  14. I remember my first step with RS two years ago were very annoying. But I rapidly noticed I was used to read tabs on Guitar Pro, where the fat E string is displayed on the lower string. Same goes for PlayAlong. I can't see a good reason to play RS with the red string on top. Why learn two inverted ways ? Confusion certified with inversed powerchords. :lol: I'm absolutely unable to play the game this way, Thankfully there is the option to flip the strings to conform to the recognized music format of displaying a tab. Memorization is still the better way. Once you memorized a song, It's very easy to play it again in RS even after several month. To memorize I play very slowly short sectors, so I have time to visualize them on my guitar and play the notes before they actually come. Playing them directly twice adds to the effect of learning. Of course It depends on the song : Memorizing Magic Wands"Black Magic" takes 5-10 minutes, but try memorizing the 950 notes of "The Patrolman" :P
  15. I'm currently playing songs in a way to memorize them, because being able to play them without RS should be the goal. I've reach about 25 songs, mostly instrumental only and I'm currently on ex-Led Zeppelin Robert Plant's Big Log, which I can suggest as quite easy to play. One of my first was Hotei's Battle Without Honor or Humanity, the track in Tarantino's Kill Bill. Great and Easy
  16. So sorry for the fellow charters who made Hold on Loosely and Rock into the night, I still play both a lot, you gave me a great time, almost know them by memory, so what's the point of releasing them as an original custom. Intuition warned me not to finish my version of "Caught up in you" Can't they do some others great songs from 38special? Wild eyed southern boys? Tip for Charters : Following tabs are available : Chain Lightning Back Where You Belong Twentieth Century Fox See Me In Your Eyes Somebody Like You Second Chance Long Distance Affair Like No Other Night If I'd been the One Fantasy Girl One Time For Old Times I Oughta Let Go
  17. I think this topic is generally about why somebody may loose interest in guitar playing. When I do something, I do it with passion. But even passion may get lost. One has to introspect and find the reason. It may often be a detail, like an unhealed injury, or stress at the job or school. Or even a bad guitar, which doesn't fit. Even a good amp and pedals may wake up the fury. Since I play with an amp and my own tones, I will never go back to RS tones again. They suck! In my younger days I lost interest because the classic acoustic folk songs, mainly chords, were kitsch. Nowadays there is a huge choice, a huge pack of crap, which may also get your interest fail. Maybe time to filter out the many cDLC you never play, and the good ones will jump again to front. Playing guitar (or soccer) for chicks or whatever is a myth. Training to reach that level of attraction is much too hard. And they care only for your look, not your playing. You better get dressed. And once you've tried a couple that passion will be faster lost then music. :lol:
  18. About the slipping pick, I recommend the Ibanez Sand Grip picks. I needed some time to get used to them, but now I won't do without. ^_^ They always guarantee a very controlled touch to the strings, in whatever atmosphere you play. About rubble fingers, that's an obvious sign of stress, and this stress is the cause why you loose technique, and consequently motivation. As a sport coach, I can tell you this : Only playing won't get you absolutely nowhere. You have to train techniques, and there are more techniques in guitar than meets the eye The hardest is to erase technique faults, because they tend to get automated. So this automated process has to be reversed. Best is to always care strictly about technique and this is where RS sucks. It makes you forget the most important factor in learning. Piano compared to Guitar is ... dull. My opinion, except if you leave the rock/pop scene for classic/jazz/blues. Most Rock Guitar parts, played without the song/group/RS is also ... dull. If you are looking for self-sufficient guitar tracks to play (by memory) outside of RS, with only a beat, you may end up with guitar virtuosos, they may be out of reach at 100% speed, but at 80% upwards you can polish technique. And technically the most accessible and versatile I've found is Buckethead. :clap: Of course the master thesis has priority, don't give away your guitar, because when you pick up again in several years, you will have reached your current level within a month, because most of it has been automated (well or bad) by your brain neurons. :)
  19. As a kid I want to play soccer like Johan Cruyff, didn't work either
  20. To be clearer : You can use GPX files in Goplayalong, but if your intention is to export it then to EOF, the xml will have GPX information that can't be used by EOF.
  21. You can't work with a gpx file in Goplayalang
  22. I recommended "lyrics (long duration) for each sector to recall the topic exercised, player's focus" I also tried to insert played notes in lyrics to learn the fretboard, which works fine once a slight sync problem resolved. (check my melodic sequences) This would be possible for strum patterns, but lyrics don't support special characters like arrows up/down. I really would like to see more strum patterns this way, I have some in planning to do someday, because I'm really quite bad at it. But currently my job takes all my time. Problem maybe that most of us may not have the required teaching level to make a great lesson. Now this is said to prove me wrong ^_^
  23. I think he was a free man, doing what he wanted, knowing the risks, With the cash he earned, he supplied the drug dealers business. Meanwhile, by the time I read this, 5 children died from hunger and wars in the world. Don't forget about the real sad things. :angry:
  24. Theoretically, yes. But I have no mac to test, or to understand what could go wrong. If anything doesn't work right, ask the charter who made it. there are also mac users who can give you advice then.
  25. I was never a friend of ignition, because it encourages too much a hit and run attitude, I like critics and suggestions, but feedback for our customs became quite rare. Ignition also hangs on Opera 12.16, whenever I select an artist or a charter, I get a not very well ordered list, and I can't go further. This version of Opera is the most customizable browser ever made, so I won't change, but of course it's no argument against Ignition. But it's the only issue I have from all my regular sites. Now with the old search, my complete list of customs doesn't show anymore, only some, and I wonder if the filters also "forget" other customs. There are 78 Buckethead customs on Ignition, but the old search engine only displays 70. So that leaves me sitting between two chairs. I can understand when it is criticized, that ignition is not (yet) worth the donations, I still wait for THE major improvement that will change my mind. Still no very clear way to bring people to feedback on how well a custom is made. It really keeps me off downloading, I really like to play the customs, and memorize them but too often, I had to spend half an hour correcting them before. Maybe the download button should politely (warn to) deactivate, for those who never rate a custom. Maybe some ratio rating/download should be installed.
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