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  1. I'm trying to build the custom song toolkit on Linux. Are there any dependancies/build instructions which need to be followed to build the Custom song toolkit? I've already got Editor on Fire built/working. I want to author CDLC on Linux mainly to investigate the formats involved and work on a Linux Rocksmith clone.
  2. Luckily there's this: https://sourceforge.net/p/guitarsmith/discussion/general/thread/e6176310/caf6/attachment/Java%20guitar%20tutor.pdfUniversity paper on implementing pitch detection using Java.
  3. Hello Everyone, I don't usually post on these forums. Recently I revisited the idea of porting or cloning Rocksmith 2014 on Linux as Ubisoft have declared they won't be porting the game. I started at the GuitarSmith forums http://sourceforge.net/projects/guitarsmithand quickly found a C++ build of Frets on Fire. I have taken this version of the code and quickly implemented changes that allow it to render the notes in a way that's closer to Rocksmith. It's by no means finished yet, I'm still implementing the neck of the guitar and the full fret range. I am willing to share all of my code with anyone who wants it and am happy to put effort into it if there are other interested programmers. The code is currently known to run on Windows/Linux and should run on Mac but it hasn't been tested there. Based on Frets on Fire this engine should be simple to modify to at least use the Rocksmith projects made in Editor on Fire, and of course can currently use the Frets on Fire content. I am hoping to shatter the limitations of Rocksmith and add in (at least) 4 - 8 string guitar support if someone would like to add more guitars/instruments they would be welcome. I would love to add support for the Rocksmith CDLC. Now the cool/hard part: On the GuitarSmith forums someone has posted up the code for a JAVA based audio recognition engine which can process guitar notes and confirm if the correct note was played or not. I'd like help porting this from JAVA to C++ and creating the note samples. Included is a screenshot of my current progress to hopefully inspire people.
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