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  1. Why the ABY Switcher, when the wireless base unit has two outputs ?
  2. Night of the Guitar, what great music discs they are. We all dream to play some in RS14, but I'm afraid it will remain a dream. :( Ever heard of the NO SPEAK Series, the fantastic No Speak of Wishbone Ash - Nouveau Calls, great guitar riffs, but no tabs available :(
  3. Yes, I saw your work, didn't play them fully through yet, I need to spend some more time to check and update this topic ;)
  4. with a cheap splitter, you may loose sound quality through the amp, especially on the high frequencies
  5. I went for the Speedster astonishingly playable even on low tunings. In fact I use it for all C and C# Tunings at home. Very handy, I broke many records. The only criticism I have is that the pickup is (and always sounds like) a bridge pickup
  6. until then we can always copy video captures of our preferred cdlc on the iphone, ipad, android before we take off for holidays, traveller guitar in the luggage ^_^
  7. As you don't point out a particular style of music, I would recommend you to check the Classic Rock Coalition (avdocatwork) where some charters work together, and they have a lot of classics of good quality
  8. After I release my cdlc, I need to get some distance, and it gets lost in the ocean. I guess most of us have more then 1000 songs, it's hard not to loose some. I even forget some I put in my playlists... :D My cdlc that got most downloaded, I almost never play them again. Some require more ability, that's why I prefer playing what's in my reach. And then a song which is nice to listen to is not always as interesting to play.
  9. My exercises of melodic sequences of scales
  10. Beyond the Windmill

  11. maybe lowering the string or raising the pickup, if possible :huh:
  12. About the Tuning column. Why does it seem to be based on Bass arrangement? It regularly gives funny results : Slipknot - Before I forget : in Open A :lol: I would like a settings option to choose Lead, Rhythm or Bass to see as Tuning. Ok, 90% will eventually choose "Bass", but please consider us minority of "Lead"ers :lol: And not see Db Drop B discriminated as "other" ^_^
  13. Some erroneous test results : on a same custom (of 3.000 customs) Action : Song Editor change sort name (No Filter active)Result : random rescan all (225 s) or rescan disabled cdlc (966 s) (most often, most annoying ;) ) or rescan quick (1 s), current position, sort lost or rescan quick (1 s), current position, sort maintained --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Action : Song Enabled "No"Action : Sort on different columnResult : Unhandled Exception Action : Song Editor change sort name (on disabled song)Result : Unhandled Exception renames a p.disabled.psarc to p.disabled.p.psarc (which re-enables and duplicates the song) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action : Filter enabled "Yes"Result : Current position lost, sort maintained Action : Repair - dd / 100% Result : correct (no full rescan, filter, sort, current position maintained) Action : Song disabled after repairResult : "NO" in Filter Enabled not shown direct complete slow auto-rescan, 307s filter,current position lost sort maintained (but triangle in Header gone).
  14. no problem, freebirds are used to being ignored :D I just want to keep my experience of issues isolated so its easier for me to update when they have become obsolete. Great job so far I must say. :)
  15. you may contact the charter, either by posting the issue on it's release page, or better p.m. him. I just updated my custom "New Divide" and tested it works fine. Move your version to the recycle bin ;)
  16. Honestly, to play anything in C or lower, you should have another guitar. Consider that in low tunings you start entering the frequencies of Bass players. To really have a nice sounding, tight vibrating and responsive low string, you need a longer scale (neck), as bass guitars have. Baritone Guitars have those longer scales closer to bass. They may be harder to play, low frets being farther apart. An nice compromise seems to be multi-scale (fanned fret) guitars, where low strings have longer scale, while high strings have shorter scales. But they have mostly 7 strings, which might be confusing. Currently I'm surrounded by 5 guitars, 1 acoustic, with a pick up 1 tuned to E mostly (with min-Etune for automatic retuning) 1 tuned to Eb 1 normal guitar with heavy gauges, with 95% correct recognition of B-tunings (but it doesn't sound clean on an Amp and will be replaced)1 bass Now that RS Remaster doesn't require tuning calibration,I'm up and playing within 5 seconds no matter what tuning. :) I would never go for a tuner pedal, unless you only play with headphones, or very loud speakers/ ampsotherwise you will still hear the acoustic standard tuning of your guitar, and that is very disturbing ( for my ears) And how about this https://youtu.be/K5G1y7Ju43s?t=160
  17. do you have any blocker (ad) running ?
  18. I'm getting this problem also with Opera 41 on Win8.1. The post doesn't sent, erases the written reply and last auto saved doesn't show / restore the text. After the blank reply is posted, I found that the last auto saved can be accessed by reloading the page.
  19. My suggestions refer to the last used beta version which is now v1.2.8.9. 1. The option to disable/enable single tracks should be is now available in the RMB menu 2. The play/stop option should also be is now in the RMB menu Occasionly, when a song is played, triggering "Play ..." on a second song pauses the first songTriggering again, continues the first song. A progressing bar in the RMB menu to play the song of the current position somewhere in the progressing bar would be ingenious ;) 3. After sorting, the current song gets shifted to another row, often out of sight current position is now moved to that row. 4. After "Repairs", the auto-Rescan resets filters, sorts, and current position. The files just selected to be repaired are complete lost out of sight, which is not intuitive 5. After repair of a single track, with filter "Enabled" on "yes" the auto rescan restarts single scan for all disabled songs, and displays the list without filter, and losing last current position . A minute waiting after a repair ..., re-filter, re-locate.
  20. You should build up yourself a library of 10-20 songs that you can manage somehow at a speed of about 80%. Write down your progress, and increase the speed. Train sectors daily in riff repeator, Try to memorize, and play them without RS, look your fingers and care about technique. Use your own tone effect and amp, thats how you hear best your errors. Build up a library of different styles - melodies, arpeggio's, finger picking, simple chords, rhythm patterns. Don't forget exercises, you find them in my collection topic. p.s. my customs are also tagged beginner, intermediate, advanced and every charter should do so ;)
  21. I'm also on that topic for some weeks. You may watch this. The advantages are that the lower strings are longer. This gives the lower B-String more tension, in general string tensions are better balanced,
  22. It may surprise, but I got into acoustic guitar, because of medieval music, and Greensleeves was for a long time one of two songs I could play decently. ^_^ The other was this Mozart Minuett And if you check my customs, you will notice clean acoustic fingering is still very present. (Rick Emmett, John5's 2 Die 4 ...Buckethead) I only went into E-guitar in 2013, when RS12 released some Santana.
  23. is there a way to open a .psarc custom by double clicking on it, or right mouse button open, to start the import option in the toolkit ?
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