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  1. I definitely wish for an option where the charts would be transposed for the tuning you are in. Also, would be cool if there was a feature which allowed you to transpose notes between strings on the fly in riff repeater maybe. For example, if you don't like playing open strings you could make that a fretted note in the chart, or you could make a note played on a higher string instead of moving on the neck, or vice versa. Also, if you had a snapped string you could move the notes from that string to the others and keep on playing :P I know the rocksmith team tries to chart the songs as closely as possible to how they are originally played by the artist, but the game isn't made for those artists right? Couldn't hurt to add in a little flexibility for the user.
  2. Yeah, liking the songs you do as customs is important. That's why just throwing out random bands for requests is always a bit, well, random. I'm glad that you apparently did a little research on Sex Machineguns, maybe you like them or maybe not. Taste in music is the ultimate subjective thing after all :) Keep them awesome customs coming out!
  3. Hello, thanks for your great work on the Gazette customs. I have found them fun to play. Now I usually don't want to request customs, but I would love to see some Sex Machineguns customs done, they have been one of my favorite bands for a long time. I could do bass customs from them myself but I love their guitar solos and it would be a shame for the customs not to include them, better leave them for someone who knows their business :) A quick search in songsterr looks like there are some tabs available for them, don't know how good they are though http://www.songsterr.com/a/wa/search?pattern=sex+machineguns I guess some of my favorite songs would be Hanabi-la Daikaten, Fire or Illusion City. They are a great live band (or at least were in their prime) :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLXc6_CRGcI
  4. I had this problem too when I started playing, I'm picking with a closed hand too. In my case though the problems went away with my skin around the knuckles hardening from playing, much like the skin on the tips of the fretting fingers at start. I guess it took about 4 months for it to feel completely ok playing. The "ok" shape always felt too loose for me, so I stuck with the closed hand and got used to it. But of course, if you feel like you're not getting used to it at all and it feels really bad you might want to look at your technique.
  5. *ahem* :P Good to know -- any chance you are a programmer or computer science type? The elegance and simplicity yet "outside the box" thinking of that workaround strikes me as something that would most likely come from a programmer or symbolic logic type of thinker. :) Meant as a complement, I just find that solution very inventive and interesting. I'm not that good with computers but I study physics. I don't know that much of music theory either, I got my first bass just 6 months ago. It all started when I saw a graph of notes and frequencies. I kinda visualized the note C1 as this "wall of death" behind which Rocksmith doesn't register notes anymore. Then I realized that the pitch is essentially a variable to change the shape of that graph and remembered that there's an option to change the pitch in the toolkit, so I thought it was worth a try. I made a graph visualizing the workaround: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8gl3l5r01hf0w3/rsf.tif
  6. Also, Dave came up with the initial idea of using guitar parts for 5 string bass.
  7. Just curious because of your nick, have you been thinking of doing some sex machineguns stuff? :)
  8. Changing the pitch affects all of the strings so yes, you will have to take it into account on all strings. Simply put the trick is to make the tuning an octave higher and then make the pitch an octave lower, 220 hz, so they cancel each other out. In the case of AGCF the tuning would be 5,10,10,10 with the trick (normally it would be -7,-2,-2,-2 but we go an octave higher for the trick)
  9. I had problems with the cable disconnecting at one point, then I noticed the cable is comprised of two parts and the connection between the parts was loose. The parts come apart shortly after the usb plug, make sure the connection is tight.
  10. Might be a bit tricky, all the notes the regular frets produce on a guitar or bass are 100 cents away from each other. On a bagpipe it looks like all the notes aren't exactly separated by 100 cents, for example the difference between natural C and C is about 70 cents. I think you will have to experiment with bends to make some notes slightly sharper but not by 100 cents. But to get started with the tuning, looks like the lowest note is (roughly) G4 at A466. Let's say you want to make that be displayed as the 1st fret on a bass part. So G is +3 from the E string, but if we wanna have it at the first fret we'll set the tuning to +2. Then we'll be at Gb1, so to get it to the correct octave we'll have to set the pitch 3 octaves higher. But we'll have to take the initial change in pitch to account also, so the pitch will be 466*2^3=3728.
  11. I've found that I personally just look at the colors of the gems when determining which string it is, the vertical order doesn't matter for me in game. I only play the bass though, might be a different story if you had to get your hand in weird positions making chords and all that :)
  12. I'll just throw this out there, when I was looking around for a used 5 string bass that particular model was the one popping out most frequently. I figured why'd I want it if everyone else wants to get rid of it :) But you make your own conclusions of course.
  13. The Fender headstock looks pretty ugly with five strings in my opinion with the fifth tuning machine on the other side, it looks like a mutation just grew there :P
  14. If you want to be completely technical you only get 5 notes of added range per extra string :) The main reason I went with a 5 string over a 4 string was playing those really low notes without having to play with spaghetti strings. I personally have no need for the sixth high string. It isn't just a question of note range though, if you wanna have more options for chords and scales more strings are helpful. But I guess 4 string is the most popular choice and many songs are done with that.
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