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  1. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  2. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  3. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  4. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  5. Happy Birthday DevStereo!

  6. Oh i misread the title... I thought i saw Audition [emoji28] . Even tho it wouldn't make any sense
  7. I would like to thank you guys personally, but that wouldn't be possible i think and probably a expensive journey [emoji28] ... And btw thank you guys for reminding me, i forogt to donate some money. I paid once and wanted to start a routine to pay monthly but the next month i forgot about that [emoji33] . Instead a journey i want to support Customsforge as long as i possible can. I would even support Charters for their work in their free time. I'm not saying we should pay them monthly like it is there jib or anything. I would be happy to spend my money to those People who are working hard for
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