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  1. I just found this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tabify.writer&hl=it It's called Tabify and should write tabs while you play... Anyone use it?
  2. Hi all, is there a software capable to create tabs while you play guitar? I think that with RS cable this could be possible...it should be amazing...:)
  3. I wish to have dlc with no guitar backin track. It could be an option, to turn guitar on/off... So that you can hear really if you suck or not :D I think Ubisoft should release a patch for it...
  4. Try to search backing track of a song you like on youtube, then convert song here: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/it My goal is to learn a song from Rocksmith and play alone with mp3 backing track. I'm doing now Back in Black of AC/DC...lot of fun!
  5. I'm doing Last Christmas - Wham!... Maybe I can release it today or tomorrow...
  6. I just posted yesterday "Walk On" with no backing track. There are no vocals too so it is not so funny to play but...what do you think about it? Why don't you create a specific session "NO BACKING TRACK" ?
  7. Wow! That's what I was looking for! Gonna try to make a custom with one of these tracks without giutar :)
  8. When I try to download latest version of EOF, my browser alert me that it's malware and raccomend to not download it. Can you explain why? I had problems with malware and rootkit recently... :(
  9. I have a question for all of you that have Riffstation. One of the feature of the tool is "Mute the Guitar and Play With Your Favorite Bands". So...is it possible to save mp3 with the guitar part mute??? This will be awesome to create cdlc with no guitar on backing track...;)
  10. No i miss this thread! Thanks ;)
  11. The program I meant isn't riff repeater (sorry) but RIFFSTATION: http://www.riffstation.com/ In the description the authors says "Isolate the Guitar and Learn From the Masters " Anyone has this program?
  12. I agree with you and I'm interested doing cdlc without lead guitar in backing track. I know there are programs that do it, like riffrepeater... I think the solution could be: a section where we post mp3 and who has the program give us the version of mp3 without backing track. Admins...is it possible? :)
  13. I've created an account with line6. There are a lot of tones. I downloaded a tone that I need for my next custom, but the format is .l6t . Will it work?
  14. Do you have the latest version of the toolkit? The last version generates the showlight file. Ok with last version of toolkit works great!!! Thank you! :)
  15. No I have to download it! I hope new versione will solve the problem... Thank you very much...I'll let you know if it works ;)
  16. Yesterday I got an error never seen before with toolkit. When I had to save package to create dlc and when I tried to generate it...I got this error: "the file ....REAL PART GUITAR RS2showlight does not extist...." But...In arrangements I Imported correct xml REAL PART GUITAR RS2 Why that message??? Why add showlight to my xml? I don't understand... :(
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