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  1. Happy Birthday jcobreti!

  2. Happy Birthday jcobreti!

  3. Happy Birthday jcobreti!

  4. Happy Birthday jcobreti!

  5. Happy Birthday jcobreti!

  6. Happy Birthday vigonsky2009!

  7. You can use this WEB: http://www.webtabplayer.com/TabConverter/Convert-gpx-to-gp5 100% free
  8. I dont know if there is another topic about this but i dont see it. Each of us has his favorites URLs to get tabs to import in EOF, would be nice to share these URLs among all of us: For example i have these: http://www.911tabs.com/ http://gtptabs.com/ http://guitarprotabs.org/ http://www.mysongbook.com/ And this one to conver formats: gpx, gp5, ga4, gp3, mid: http://www.webtabplayer.com/TabConverter/Convert-gpx-to-gp5
  9. Download the lyric from internet and use the ultrastar creator program to sincronize the text with the music, with this program you generate a file to import in EOF with the lyric import option (F8), here you need to syncronize again the text with the music (song>track>Part vocals) why? probably because you add a leading silence at the begining of the song (use the option select all to move all at the same time), and after save you have a xml file, this xml file generated in EOF is needed in rocksmith toolkit to add in the RS file.
  10. I've donated 3E this week I like to have the 'donator' status too in my profile. thank you
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