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  1. Made it through! By the skin of my teeth. Need more practice! Had a storm. Lost power. Messed up my boot sector. Reinstalled Ubuntu 20.04. Thank goodness for backups.
  2. Can attest to Homem do Leme Lead being hard for someone with less experience. Those chord changes look so easy, but hard to get right at 100% speed.
  3. Nirvana: Sounds Like Teen Spirit - Bass This was a LOT of fun! I really enjoyed it.
  4. Xutos & Pontapes: Homem do Leme - bass (I'm not competing in Beginner bass - just played it to get a feel for the song before trying lead )
  5. @Rodman- thanks for the answer. Looks like I better improve my scores! Or have fun and chill. Yeah, right. I better improve my scores!
  6. When you look at the Leaderboard spreadsheet on the 2020 worksheet, what does "Out" mean on the rank change column?
  7. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - Lead
  8. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - rhythm
  9. Theory of a Dead Man - Make Up Your Mind - rhythm Think I'll work on this some more before trying lead.
  10. So, for Beginner Lead, we can do "Make Up your mind" CDLC created by Sharkman828 OR we can do "Make Up Your Mind" CDLC created by Crossbolt242. For Beginner Rhythm, we do "Make Up Your Mind" CDLC created by Crossbolt242. For Beginner Bass, we do "Make Up Your Mind" CDLC created by Sharkman828? And when I download the songs and pop them in my CDLC folder and open up the game, "Make Up Your Mind" CDLC created by Sharkman828 comes up with exactly that title. The CDLC created by Crossbolt242 shows up in the game as "Made Up Your Mind." Not being nit-picky. Just writing this for my own notes as I want to try beginner lead, rhythm and bass again. And maybe try intermediate bass if I can get beginner bass down.
  11. Travis - Turn. Not quite there on the lead. Thanks everyone for the discussion on points versus percentage. I put in some more work and got both up a bit. Still have a ways to go, but it's time to work on the rhythm entry.
  12. Travis - Turn. Having fun learning the bass.
  13. When you post scores on Score Attack - Hard - do you post your highest points or highest percentage? One of the songs I'm doing - I got a higher numeric score but a lower percentage. Doing it over again a few times, I got a higher score by 2 percent, but lower in points.
  14. I thought I posted Green Day Walking Alone lead. Guess I did not hit submit. Been spending time in Riff Repeater trying to get it right. Have some more work to do - I'm sure I can bump this up a bit. (or maybe accept where I am and try to get "Just a Girl" down. I can do "Just a Girl" at 90% speed, but fall apart when I try to hit 100 speed)
  15. And Green Day "Walking Alone" on bass. Trying to move it a few tenths of a point more is a lot of work! It seems like an easy song, but getting that score up tells me I need to work on accuracy.
  16. A little more progress on Ride On rhythm guitar. I really want to move this up to 98-99% range, but am getting antsy to play some different songs. I think I'll keep on working on it for a while longer. The song isn't hard, I am just practicing accurate chord changes. It would be good to get simple C to F transitions clean, and to clean up F and G barre chords before moving to more complex pieces.
  17. Looks like I have some work to do! This is a simple song, but I am messing up my chords.
  18. Editors Munich. Still missing a few notes, and a little bit off the beat when playing. Think I can get the score up a bit more. But putting this one away for now and on to AC/DC Ride On on rhythm guitar next. Well, some wine. Some sleep. Some work. Some family time. Then next.
  19. Ride On - what a cool blues feel. I want to keep trying and get the last missed notes, but am posting this up and moving on to rhythm or lead. Might circle back later in the week.
  20. No strikes! More points! Lower percentage. Two out of three ain't Meatloaf.
  21. Got a few more points! A lower accuracy percentage, lower multiplier, an extra strike, but more points. Hopefully I can bring it up a bit tomorrow.
  22. I did not think I'd make it through Score Attack at all on this try. I kept thinking for sure this is going to gong show me out of here! Now to work on improving it. I can beat 91.49%! Well, I'm going to make some tacos. Then I can beat 91.49%! Or have tacos. One of the two, anyway.
  23. Still working on HEAT - Mannequin Show. Wow, I bomb out of Score Attack way too quickly! I'll need to spend a lot of time going over the first few sections. Anyway - do you folks keep a spreadsheet of all the songs that have been played in championships? I thought that would be a good way for me to pick out songs to try. Right now I just pick an artist, look for their DLC then look for their CDLC.
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