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  1. I'm a guy who believes in completeness. If I chart a song, I chart all the parts, and add all the 'bonus' to it (DD, sections, etc). I think approved songs should be as such. I want my song to be indistinguishable from official DLC, and I believe providing options is a good thing. It's easy to add DD to a song, and I like the level markers in it. I've also added non DD bonus arrangements for the DD rage crowd. Again, I believe in options. I chart songs I can't play because I want to learn how to play them. You don't necessarily have to be able to play them to ensure the chart is righ
  2. My concern is for the less popular songs. Songs that are hard to play, or are by bands that most people don't listen to. They'll tend to never get approved because they lack traffic. This leads to needing testers who are motivated to test these songs. How does a more obscure song get some recognition? How does a charter who puts a ton of time into an obscure song get a song approved and get the recognition? And I don't have answers for it either. I just like more obscure music and I want to see those songs getting charted too. Just a thought, really, for consideration.
  3. It hasn't been updated, but the feature set of Guitar Pro hasn't changed all that much since GP 4 or 5, I don't think. It's quite competent, and runs almost everywhere. Oh, and it's free. The big down fall is it can't open gpx files. Yeah, I try not to use EOF for editing because TG and GP are so much better at it. Hats off to you, raynebc, for making the import process so painless.
  4. This isn't a bad idea. I like EOF, but I'm not sure it's the best 'charter'. My workflow for charting songs entails getting a guitar pro file and editing a new track in that file containing my 'chart'. Whenever I need to update the song, I fix the guitar pro file and then re-import. Maybe it's a little bass akwards, but editing in Tux Guitar, I find, is way easier. (Not to knock on EOF at all, mind you) Not to say we shouldn't have the functionality in EOF, but maybe a good way to get what you are looking for until the feature is added to EOF. For us poor people: Tux Guitar FTW.
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