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  1. @@Unleashed2k I for one am extremely grateful to you for all your work on this site. It has been mostly reliable for me apart from the last week and I am disinclined to complain as "shit happens" and it seems to be working OK now. It amazes me that people moan about a free service. I'd have got bored of RS long ago without this site and the many great charters who have filled it with great content. There is way too much on here I want to play to do justice to it all so if I find a chart that isn't that great (quite rare actually) I shrug and move on to something else, maybe the charter will fix it, maybe not, there is plenty more. Keep up the good work and know you are appreciated by most of us. @@yaniv800 I honestly think most people are happy to search by song title or artist as they are looking for music they know, Youtube and Spotify are where one discovers new music. Perhaps your charts are for artists and songs that just aren't that popular. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, just that not many people on here want to play it. Personally I have no interest in searching for types of music. I know what I want to play and search for that. Just a different perspective, no criticism intended.
  2. Was the forced update a Windows update or a Rocksmith update? If it was a Windows update then it isn't Ubisoft's issue it is Microsoft's issue. I still run on Windows 7 because of this. The Windows 7 PC is games only so I won't be changing it anytime soon. If I've guessed right that it was a Windows update then the answer may lie somewhere in the Windows settings app but it could also be the driver for your awesome sound system. RS seems to prefer mediocre onboard sound systems and can get quite unhappy with more exotic sound hardware. You could try the HP site or the sound hardwares manufacturer for updated drivers, or even for older drivers. If it is an updated Windows driver that is causing your issue this may work, you could also try rolling back the driver version in Control panel, the trick is persuading Win10 to not immediately update it again. Very best of luck and let us know if you figure it out.
  3. William Shatner doing Pulp's common people. The disturbed doing Sounds of silence.
  4. Natalie Merchant Solo stuff, Bass parts please. Wonder San Andreas Fault Ophelia Motherland Nursery rhyme of Innocence And Experience The Peppery Anything else from Leave your sleep Richard Thomson, Bass especially. Vincent Black Lightning Galway To Graceland Beeswing Bank Vault In Heaven A love You Can't Survive Outside Of The Inside Anything by these two would be greatly appreciated, the above are just suggestions.
  5. A lot of what I download is shared with my daughter and my brother. I know this is tangential to the point but I just wanted to point out that the audience for a cdlc can be bigger than any of the counters.
  6. Is seems to me that the issue with the 100% mastery bug has shown a deficiency in understanding on the part of the community over the correct structure of DLC. This is an opportunity to improve the creation tools and make future CDLC better than in the past. Most existing CDLC still works in that it can be played. Most of them actualy work pretty well, only a few are broken and the 100% bug isn't a show stopper for most people. And there is a pretty decent fix for that now if you can be bothered. I would have lost interest in RS long ago if not for this community. I think you all rock and I'd like to thank all the programmers and charters who make this possible. You are as gods who stalk the earth. Full disclosure. I play exclusively BASS and haven't experienced the 100% bug personally. The only issue I have is the inability to riff repeat songs without sections and that is down to a change in the new riff repeater affecting less well made CDLC. I'd still rather have the imperfect CDLC than it not be there. At least if it exists it might get fixed or I might even take the time to learn to do it myself if I care enough about a particular song. Anyone can do this with a bit of effort so I don't understand the moaning and complaining. The only real issue left from the REMASTERED update is that it has shown up the deficiencies of some CDLC. The tools have been updated to allow most of these problems to be fixed almost automatically and the remaining issues can be fixed by re-authoring the CDLC. We should celebrate these guys and the RS creators for allowing the CDLC community to exist. I'm sure they could make life very awkward for us if they really wanted to so kudos to them for tolerating us.
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