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  1. Happy Birthday PartWaysAndKillAll!

  2. What is going to be removed from the final release?
  3. I've been trying to find a mod for custom tuning list fix. However, it uses the fast startup. Which I have used, but the game will start, and the game gets stuck at the alternating color rocksmith logo. Is it something I did wrong? (i used the built-in psarc files). Also quick question, is highway color changeable right now?
  4. You guys know how to make a near-sounding tone of Ryan Martinie from Mudvayne/Soften the Glare? I am talking about tone designer.
  5. It sucks that the requests are gone because I, and simply put, I CANNOT make CDLCs because no matter how hard i try. I cannot seem to get the song done, and when i test it out, it sounds like shit. So it seems like its gone, well I hope you guys bring back and/or revamp the request system.
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