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  1. I can swear that Cities of flame has slowed down since we last played it. Back then i could hardly read the notes as they flew past and my playing sounded horrible. Now it just goes by in a nice readable tempo and sounds nice.
  2. Better late than never. I have not had any time to play this week until now. So here is everything.
  3. Ignition does not work for me either.
  4. Little improvement. But chords are really not my strong side.
  5. First tries lead. I really need to learn that barred C shape. Maybe it's finally time to do that.
  6. Late rhythm score. have not had enough time to play this week.
  7. Found my brain and downloaded the other version of Expresso love.
  8. I'm sure i missed something. But my Expresso Loe have no bass path. I even tried downloading it again.
  9. I really enjoyed that Dire strait song. It was a great finger workout. I think i will give that one a few more runs later in the week.
  10. Little improvement. Tries a few more times but got the same or lower score.
  11. AC/DC - Moneytalks Priestess - Lay Down Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes Links to new ignition.
  12. Rhythm also ends with some notes left in the tab but i managed to get 100% anyway. Haven't tried bass yet tho.
  13. @Mikson Repair the songs in the song manager and that problem will be gone.
  14. @coldrampage You can change the scroll speed in the song manager
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