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  1. They have to support their current DLC and original songs,, so i'm pretty sure the current file format (.psarc) will be compatible too.
  2. Did some tweaking to our database settings, ignition should be a little faster now.
  3. I'm learning react now, node dev at my workplace currently. cool stuff!
  4. What's the reason for the donation goal jump? Did we add on more things? It was around $250 last month and this month its $650... and February was the big "annual" renewal month.
  5. This was clearly just a statistical/quantitative thing.So don't feel bad about it. I LOVE ALL CHARTS, EVEN IF DEY BROKE'D.
  6. What do you think about me coding the app in C# (already started) and then you porting it to Java + making a cool GUI. I mean, it wouldn't take you as much time as making an app from scratch, but you'd still be doing a nice side project. :) (I already started making it and I'm going to talk with Unleashed.) Why not use Mono? http://www.mono-project.com/
  7. I'm not going to delete your post, but please, make a new topic about it instead of posting in this one. I specifically asked users to post high quality CDLC and its being overshadowed by this topic (ie. off topic). I am going to lock this thread. If you want to recommend high quality DLC, please message me.
  8. I'll try to have a full tracklist of what I'll be bringing to MAGfest as soon as I gather them up.
  9. I too have asked Dethelehem for tabs for their new stuff or any stuff, they don't have tabs either !
  10. Also, can I ask those that have recommended songs or will in the future, to include the direct download link for the PC version (DD if possible, if not, thats ok). I'm very busy this week and the next. I'll try to gather them up via Ignition myself but it would help me greatly!
  11. I can do this on my electric bagpipes, although its been awhile.... ...not really a rocksmith instrument either..... ....yet.
  12. Did we really have to ask ? Nobody asked, I just like to be frank so that there is no misinterpretation!
  13. While I could see some of those going over pretty well, keep in mind that this is a gaming/music festival. Many people here will not have tastes "to the norm" (atleast, this is my assumption). There will probably be someone who is a huge Blind Guardian fan, to someone who loves video game music covers, to someone who digs whacky stuff like Babymetal, etc. A piece of the magic that is Customsforge to me, is that there are many niche CDLC's out there. Many people may discover new bands even this way!
  14. I forgot to add that I'd prefer that the CDLC have DD (there will be many new comers to Rocksmith, so start off slow is good :) ) but it is not a requirement.
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