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  1. Way late to this thread but was a horrible day. Static X was one of the best shows I've been to. Amazing live
  2. I say this with all due respect BUT, fuck you for going to the super bowl and seeing the who there... haha
  3. I've seen, Deftones (2) Disturbed (2) Sevendust (2) System of a down Taproot Chevelle Alice Cooper Marilyn Manson Redman Cake Lacuna Coil Soul Coughing (awful btw) Alien Ant Farm Static X Mushroom Head (Great show) and probably about 30 others but, too much to list My biggest regret is not seeing Rage Against The Machine. I was going to see them at veegos ( or however they spell that) in Vegas 08 but, was few weeks away from my Sons' due date and for whatever reason she threw a fit over my plan of making the 3 hour drive to vegas. He ended up being a week late so a month after the show. I still blame her for this haha.
  4. Hey Great Milenko was a great album. Liked it a lot when i was 14
  5. Album was probably warren g g funk era. First show was deftones. I was 15 around the fur just came out. Show actually didn't sell enough tickets so at last minute they moved it to a smaller venue down the street.
  6. Getting a gaming PC isn't worth it just for rocksmith, but if you have the cash, a PC is definitely worth it, I recommend building it yourself, it's a lot of fun, I learnt a lot and I can pick exactly what parts I want. :) Just at the end of my patience with xbox and most games are released in PC format anyway. Like I dropped Sony, I have no hesitation dropping xbox. Build one??? hmmm.....if you had a DIY build, did it cost much compared to buying one off shelf? It cost a lot less, since you would be paying for assembly, there are a lot of good walkthroughs, I used neweggs one. You can build something pretty great for much cheaper then a manufactured PC. Putting it together is such a simple task that my 6 yoa could do it. Newegg and amazon are good but, if you have a microcenter or frys near you they are probably the best place to go. Microcenter almost always has a bundle deal where if you buy a cpu you get $40-60 off a mobo. When i did my last build I cross checked everything with amazon and newegg. Some items I bought off the web but, the cpu/mobo combo on top of their regular sales prices just could not be beat even after all the ridiculous CA tax. The only thing you have to be careful with is mounting the cpu to the motherboard. Just make sure you put it on the correct way or you will bend pins and be hosed. If you're worried about doing that part yourself pretty sure micro and frys will mount for free if you buy from them. It isn't difficult by any means you just have to pay attention.
  7. The drummers are revolting. They want to earn front-man status
  8. You might be right I haven't used it myself nor had the need to. Only reason I think it allows booting from a hdd is because you aren't flashing the drive like a traditional mod. Ever since they introduced a new way to jtag I've been tempted but I already have so much media that idk if the extra cost for parts is worth it.
  9. I am still far from being good but, I finally started using Riff Repeater and it's by far the best way to go. Instead of struggling through a song I keep playing the same phrase till I get 100% difficulty/speed and it kicks me back into the rest of the song. It's def the best way to go while still learning.
  10. Hello new to the site started my attempt at cdlc last night but, I'm lost when it comes to creating the right tone. Have a couple I am working on wondering if anyone would mind helping me out? Also is there a site that lists what official setup is used for any given song? Thank you!
  11. Purchasing a pre-mod isn't a bad idea. Only major issue is occasionally ms put's out an update that closes the loop hole and then you have to update the cfw which not always but usually requires you to re-flash it. It has been about three years since an update has caused this to happen and with the one out now chances are high that ms gave up on the 360 fight but, it could happen. If you feel you aren't up to the task I would look into the Xkey. Unlike the others it isn't an internal mod so I would imagine you could update the xkey directly if/when needed
  12. Yes you would need to mod your console using the Reset Glitch Hack in order to access files from usb. This requires some handy work and technical know-how. I am great with the tech stuff just not the best at soldering but, it still isn;t too difficult and to date I've modded around 25-30 360s for friends/family. If you decide to attempt this check out team-xecuter.com you can find guides and links on where to purchase the necessary parts. Also a fiberglass scratch brush is almost a must have to get the varnish safely off the circuit board with destroying the circuits. The first mod i did I used a small flathead it took forever and was risky. After that I bought a brush took literally 30 seconds to expose the metal. They cost maybe $5-10 radioshack used to sell them but, I haven't seen one there in a long time. Any hobby/model train/car shop should have one. Also keep in mind you will not want to take your 360 online anymore after doing this. I go on every now and then but, you risk having your console banned anytime you do.
  13. There are a couple ways to mod a 360. A softmod is one of the easier/cheaper methods however it won't help in this instance. A softmod is just a method of flashing the DVD drive to allow it to recognize back up copies of games you own. There is also a (somewhat) new method of being able to essential JTag your console exploiting a reset glitch hack. I haven't checked the parts for this in a couple years but, if memory serve correct it did require some soldering and trace cutting skills. This is the route you want to go as it allows roms to be booted from an external harddrive. There is also an item called the xkey which uses the RGH but doesn't require major modifications. I really do not know much about the xkey haven't taken the time to do the research as I've been lead to believe it's expensive and I do my own mods so it's really of no benefit to me. For more info on this I would check out team-xecuter.com, jungleflasher.net and c4evaspeaks.com. There are a lot of resources and info between those. Keep in mind once you mod going on xbox live is playing with fire especially with a jtag style mod. Also never update your console till you check the sites and are sure its safe to do so.
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