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  1. Thanks.. Some songs will have a lot more misses than others. ;) Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  2. +1 to that.. There are songs out there without sections that I'd love to have a crack at adding.. Maybe even trying to add DD. If anything, it would be great as a learning tool for first steps into editing..
  3. No time for games these days, but over the years, my favorites have been.. Operation flashpoint AoE 2 & AoK Close Combat series Combat mission series Hearts of Iron series Half Life & mods Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. I just copy the profile into a dropbox folder every so often.. I guess I could script it and schedule it; but I have RS on more than one PC, so don't bother..
  5. Nice one. Yeah, I don't actually play when I'm recording for this, as I'd prefer a 'blank slate' for me to play on top of.. Would be nice to turn off the hundreds of 'Miss'es that show up in the video. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks. Yeah, I have (rather 'had') MX player but not sure you can slow down playback.. Not a huge fan of the Ad's in MX. I havent spotted any in Dice player (yet)..
  7. ..I don't mean just audio. :) Not sure if this has been done or suggested before, but I hadn't seen it and I thought it would be great as a learning tool.. Basically, I've thought it would be very useful to have a load of recorded Rocksmith song videos on my Phone - for when I need to; - Refresh my memory for a part of the song. - For playing along to, when plugged into my Amp's MP3 input, as a backing track.. It's surprisingly clear... It's much more portable than hooking up my desktop or laptop, though of course it means it doesnt have any Rocksmith features.. If you choose the right player, you should be able to slow the video down, if you need to! :) Equipment used / software used and tested ok.. - Open Broadcaster software (free) latest version. Downscale to 1280x720. - Radeon 6870 HD Gfx card - Rocksmith 2014 (you will need to turn off audio exclusivity, temporarily, whilst recording).. - Windows 7 x64 - i7 3770k, 24GB RAM - Dice Player for Android (can slow down playback, if required). Other player suggestions welcome! - You will need your own tones for playback (not essential but better).. Now if only I could remove those 'MISS' graphics - as I wasn't playing when recording, obviously.. ;) Hope this is of use to someone! :) Host' http://i1337.photobucket.com/albums/o680/Hostilian/S1710001_zpse4fa4bb4.jpg
  8. I use a mixture of both difficulty and speed, though it really depends on the song (some are strictly speed only at 100% diff). It's all good for the fingers! :) I also find it useful to avoid looking at the Rocksmith screen when playing sections in RR - when you know them quite well... It helps commit it to memory and also helps listening skills.
  9. Atgame7..I can tell you precisely (at least in my case). It was 6 months.. Started playing the guitar in September last year. Started off (still have the records, lol) with this - as an example. D<>A - started at 16. By end of October I was up to 32, then slow progress until December. I tried it a couple of weeks ago (bear it in mind I've been mainly playing rocksmith over the last month or three) and was up to 55.. A<>E was similar, though I am up to 63 now.. I feel these have been 'nailed', so I am not practicing these changes (or D<>E @57) any more and am concentrating on newer (to me) and harder ones.. The thing is.. I took the attitude that learning the guitar was going to be tough as hell. I knew that and said to myself that I wouldn't try to push it too hard and not get frustrated (well not too much). I also know when a song is out of my league and so say to myself 'maybe in a year for that one'! Other songs I can do quite well.. :) Keep practicing, have fun and it WILL come... :) Remember when you started typing on a keyboard? Lots of mistakes at first, Im sure, but now you can probably do it by touch. I'm sure that took a long time too! :)
  10. Unfortunately, you'll need to put the work in too.. I swear by Justinguitar.com - it's fantastic (and free). Was such a help, especially with chord changes in the beginning (give the '1 minute changes' a go for a month or two). Rocksmith is great but it's certainly not a complete package for learning!
  11. Black leather strap (levys I think). I had a nylon one which didnt support the guitar (just slipped round); gave that to my cousin.
  12. Any decent Lager or craft beer..Ron Zacapa 23yr Rum..
  13. Master mode isn't the same as Mastery.. :) It depends if DD is enabled, I suppose. If DD isn't available then your mastery could start quite low (even though your accuracy could be very high) as it would only give you maybe 25% of the song to play (at first).
  14. I think that Mastery is the amount of the song the game will let you play (it may not let you play every note on the song). This increases in stages, depending on your accuracy, until you get to play the full song. Accuracy is how accurate you are (doh), if there are 100 notes and you play all 100 right, you get 100% accuracy. Master mode doesn't need to be specifically enabled, some notes of the song will fade and others will totally disappear when you reach a high enough accuracy & mastery. When the notes fade or disappear, this is master mode. I've got up to 106% on a song too and you can only get this high (I think) when you start seeing sections of the song's notes disappear.
  15. I had 10's on the guitar = lots of fret buzz.. I switched to 11's and have, pretty much, no buzz at all. Granted, the action is a little higher due to the increased tension, so I tightened the truss rod slightly to compensate. It's so much better when playing drop D (which used to be bloody annoying due to buzz)..
  16. Learn a song - 75% (a lot of this in RiffRepeater) Tone Designer 1% (very occasionally) Score Attack - 5% and increasing Guitarcade - 11% (to warm up) Lessons - 8% ...ish.
  17. @MaZtoR LOOOOL.. :) Gotta try that one..
  18. Got to be 'Back in Black' for me. As a complete album it's pretty damn near flawless; not a single weak song. (Followed by Nevermind and Appetite for Destruction).
  19. Thought I'd share my problem (and fix) from when I first got Rocksmith. No idea whether anyone has the same problem; someone might! :) I had the issue above - basically a constant humming or background noise through the speakers - when Rocksmith being played on my Laptop. Not sure if it's as much of a problem on Desktops. The fix is a 'ground loop isolator' that sits between the laptop headphone socket and your amp.. You should be able to get one for less than £10 on Ebay. To see if you need one, start RS as normal and see if you have this humming noise (unclean sound), then unplug the power cable to your laptop (so it runs off the battery). If your sound magically improves (no hum) then guess what; you need one.. Worked great for me. Sound is as clean as a whistle through the speakers - and not just for Rocksmith.. :)
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