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  1. So busy... For so long won't be able to make any CDLCs :/

  2. How about converting gpx to gp5 in tuxguitar? Ya should find somewhere around the web plugin to open gpx in tuxguitar. It has no problems with converting from gpx to gp5 (or any other gp_)
  3. Checkout tech notes tut, especially part with multibend. http://customsforge.com/topic/890-tech-notes-tutorial-authoring-complex-bends-and-more/
  4. @up: After save occurs the same thing. Also after saving and importing arrangement into Toolkit I can choose almost every tuning, except E Standard - only way to choose it is to manually set it. What's more - names of RS sections aren't displayed - I can see only red line in it's place, but no name.
  5. Chose yes -> only got popups with adblock, rest is fine
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