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  1. To anyone who are interested. EZMix, a looooooooot of better sound than AmpliTube and Guitar Rig.
  2. Do you have a good sound card? with native support for ASIO? If you have it, then try this vst, is a LOT of better than the "acceptable" sound of rocksmith. EZMix 2. Sorry, about your question I never try to use the rocksmith as VST, because there is a few VST which has better tones than rocksmith. In order of my criteria: EZMix Kuassa Amplifikation One AmpliTube GuitarRig
  3. +1 on this. If you learn in bad way, there is much more work to re-learn again and re-educate your playing.
  4. A mi forma de ver, lo mas practico y comodo es tener cada cancion por separado. Si llegas a tener que hacer un arreglo en una parte teniendo todo en un solo tema, te vas a querer matar, porque tranquilamente te puede romper la sincro que tenias bien hecha en otras partes (que hasta quiza no son de esa cancion que querias arreglar) Es mucho mas sano y simple separarlos, y muchisimo mas mantenible en el tiempo. Abrazo.
  5. JP Jazz III http://www.stringsbymail.com/store/images/medium/petruccipick_MED.jpg
  6. Tenes una idea de como hago eso? no le agarre mucho la mano al Guitar Pro todavia (uso el 6) Seleccionas y apretas ALT + UP.
  7. Probaste haciendo un shiftup desde el guitarpro para que moviera las notas de posicion? Asi acomode varias tablaturas que estaban en diferentes posiciones, y una vez que lo guardas el EOF no va a tener problema en detectarlo como siempre.
  8. First Record: Green Day - Dookie First Concert: Metallica 99
  9. El tope es 110% usando master mode, como bien te dijeron. Saludos.
  10. I've done this many times and for extended periods of time while building/modifying guitars, with no issue whatsoever. As long as the neck isn't exposed to too much humidity or heat (with or without strings) it'll be fine. Assuming it's been properly built and coated/varnished. The floyd trems are a good example of why on some guitars it's a pain in the butt to restring if you take off all the strings. I've got an archtop with a floating bridge, I never take off all the strings on that one. Same with the banjo. But only because it's annoying to have to reposition the bridge. I understand
  11. In a guitar without floyd rose change in any order, if you want to remove all the strings do it, but not for too long. This will uncalibrate the guitar.If you have a guitar with floyd rose, change one by one the string, because if you do it the change over the all string, the strength of the bridge will uncalibrate as the other method.In all the cases, when I remove one string, I cleaned with lemon oil. This lubricates and clean all the dirt on the neck. Other advice, never leave your guitar without strings for long of time. This is the worst idea ever.
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