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  1. Mind if I ask if the DLL has ever been updated since its first release for the Remastered Edition?
  2. No suggestion for any other kids songs but please do more! Maybe some popular and very easy classical pieces that children love? I love these, picked up the guitar last year as well and this is very helpful.
  3. I started with a Floyd Rose. God, it's so hard to retune the guitar or even get it to Drop D tuning. If you're planning to switch from one tuning to another tuning, avoid a floating bridge guitar. Note that it's not healthy to frequently change tuning as well but if for example E std. to Drop D every other day, that shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Not sure what are you talking about. I don't even realise such a thing exists.
  5. Basically what firekorn said. However, I have tried playing music with the THR 10X before. The speakers might not be that good for music listening purposes. Probably because the speakers are not meant to be treated like a monitor, but more only for the modelling purposes.
  6. @@cozy1 : Nope, still the same. Avira detects CFSMSetup.exe as TR/Refroso.amqdl and CustomsForgeSongManager.exe as TR/Agent.ssobz.
  7. I've watched anime for more than a decade now but I must admit I watched way less then someone who spends his whole life watching anime, since I spent a lot of time gaming and hunting for new music every day. I actually really hoped it'd be E std. LOL since my guitar have this amazing yet stupid invention called floating bridge :p so I can't retune my guitar at all. Even to Drop D. Or does anyone have any tips aside from blocking the bridge? :p Thanks for looking into it. I think it won't be hard for me to play in std either since there's the video tabs for me if I need to play some parts differently. :D
  8. Just realised you said you never watched an episode of anime. Lmao. I liked your works and I can't thank you enough for the stella* tabs. I'm surprised no one is doing flumpool yet. The AJIN first OP by flumpool is amazing. There are two versions of the tabs out there, in E std and Drop D. I wanted to make a request but there's only GP version of the Drop D tab with E std version being a YT video only. :/ How easy is it to transpose a Drop D to E std using software? Also, the new stella* tab is awesome, if you have more keep em coming. :P
  9. I have no issues using a software amp sim in parallel of rocksmith, but each has it's own piece of gear : RS got the dedicated cable, and the amp sim is fed by my audio interface which feature a good hi-z input. I don't need an aby because I have an insert on the interface, but most of this don't have that feature so you will probably need one. I'm quite curious as to how you do this. Do you have the Exclusive Mode turned off? Is that the only way to do this? I was looking at using a multi client ASIO driver but I just realised that Rocksmith doesn't support ASIO or even allow to change audio drivers.
  10. Awesome work man. Customsforge really need a function to download whole albums lol.
  11. What I want from the RR is to have the ability to seek through time not sections marked on them. It's really annoying when I want to learn just a short riff but had to play the whole section.
  12. Ah yes, I remember reading about MySQL search limitation. I guess I can try with Google search for now though.
  13. The search function in the forums is broken (probably on purpose) because I can't search for "D drop C" or "Children of Bodom". ("of", "d", "c", they all got removed from the search query.) I really need the filter function inside Ignition. Keep up the great work and hopefully Ignition will be working again soon.
  14. @@Alex360 You misunderstood me. I said both have practically no difference latency-wise. What I meant was since they went as far as renaming the game, adding the "Remastered" tag to it, they better fix the audio stuttering/buffer issue when using USB DACs/interfaces. I tried with 2 interfaces and 1 DAC, all of them suffered from the same issue. And like I said, they know about this (it's documented in the manual) but there's no fix but DLCs every updates. Judging by the list of changes from their official post, nothing seems to be about fixing the bugs in their engine but only UI/UX enhancements. Alas, there's still more than a month before the update and I wish they do fix this issue. I'm sorry if my posts annoy you and I do think this is the correct place to whine about current and known issues of the game too.
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