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CDLC perfect in sync in EOF but not in RS2014


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Hi, I'm currently working on some songs in EOF. They seems perfect in sync in EOF but when I test it in RS they the first note is good, but after a while the notes become more and more out of sync. How is this possible when its perfect in EOF? Anyone an idea please?




edit: I see now that I placed this in the wrong topic, can i still change it?

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Depening on how extrem are those notes out of sync? are they only a few secs out of sync or complete. if they are only a littlebit out of think try to repack the whole cdlc. can happen that they get out of sync there happend me twice. if they are complete out of sync then u had to resync it in EoF again but this time zoom in a little bit. because it can happen that it looks good if u have a 100% view but when u have a 125% view it can change everything. That happen not so often but it can be a reason.

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Well, in a 3 minute song, the notes are more than a second out of sync. I also don't use the waveform graph because it never seems to be correct. I slow down the audio play rate the 25% to check the notes.


Must the BPM in the whole song be the same in EOF? Because the song i'm working on has different BPM parts. Must the BPM in RocksmithCustomSongToolkit be accurate with the BPM in OEF of doesn't that matter?

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Waveform graph is just a representation of the sounds, it's absolutely correct no matter what.


If it's wrong in EOF or in RS, it's wrong in both! The toolkit doesn't change anything to the sync or the note and the BPM indication doesn't need to be exact in the toolkit. The toolkit doesn't change the xml file generated by EOF!


You can have BPM variation in EOF it's not a problem at all.


IF the BEATMAP is in sync in EOF, and the note correctly snap to the grid there's no possibility for the note to become un-sync in RS!


I strongly suggest you make sure that the beatmap (and the note that should be snapped to it) in EOF is correct in the first place.

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Not all notes in my song are on a beat map. I always have problems finding the correct BPM. I manually drag the notes in OEF to mach them. That will probably be the problem. The BPM on the GP tab and on songbmp.com never seem to be correct.


Ill try for scratch and try to find the correct BPM first.



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