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Slower Songs Suggestions



I'm looking for suggestions for slower songs that have already been made into CDLCs.


In the official RS2014 set, there seem to be only two -- Love That's Gone and For a Fool. 


Now, I like to rock out as much as anyone. But on faster tempo songs, either the speed is beyond my current ability (I can play them, but still make too many mistakes at 100% speed) or they're just too easy (power chords) and therefore not all that interesting in terms of learning new techniques.


Slower songs aren't necessarily easy -- in fact, a slower tempo permits some interesting guitar work. I really love the chord changes for For a Fool, for example.


But I would never had known about either of these songs if it hadn't been for Rocksmith -- and I'm sure there are many many more songs out there that I don't know about.


So how about it? Any  slow/mid-tempo CDLCs I should check out?

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I'm of the same mind as yourself with regards to song selection.  It's not that I don't like faster songs (I totally do), nor that I don't have the skill to play them (well okay, I don't, I'm still learning... but that's beside the point!) but that there are many slower songs that I really like, and thus would really enjoy learning how to play.  And I've always been in the belief that playing songs that one likes, regardless of how easy, will always encourage people to learn to play any instrument better.


I am still learning how to use EoF to create CDLC.  But once I get the hang of things, I hope to start contributing many slower pieces, especially "easy-listening" type classics and ballads.  My own personal wish-list has quite a few slow tunes mixed in with the really hard and fast stuff.   :)

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I'm getting ready to put up Pale Blue Eyes from the Velvet Underground (you can download a work-in-progress from the Workshop section). Really nice slow song, great bassline. Should be nice for people looking to practice strumming chords too.

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