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  1. Does the keyboard work for someone in the mac port? I've recently switched from the windows version on bootcamp to the mac version, and I can't use keyboard shortcuts to jump to a certain artist or simply use the search box, just scroll down with arrow keys.
  2. I've found that above certain number of songs the game starts to act weird, with many framedrops and a sluggish feel.
  3. I've got this one, but not quite sure if it's the best around... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BFhMbEIW5pNdlpfmR7k5QjJZDd6_6UaA/view?usp=sharing "I was a teenage werewolf" would be great, I can't manage to get the solo by ear and can't find a decent tab anywhere.
  4. @@cozy1 all fret note templates as well as the software in your web is giving me a virus alert. I'm usually don't care about it, since it usually means a false positive because some injection software to patch the game, but i can't find any reason for that this time...
  5. spanish translator, if needed...
  6. Damm, i´m looking for it too but no luck so far...
  7. yes, i agree with that, it´s one of my favourites. good work.
  8. i think it's a real good idea, not only to follow updates but to have some sorting method in the dlc folder. i don't think it's asking too much for forgers to do this. they put a lot of effort on the songs, follow a simple naming convention shouldn't be much of a problem for them, maybe it can include some sort of credit of the author to be fair.
  9. great! i´m an absolute beginner right know, so all this stuff is more than welcome.
  10. yeah, same here. i´ve donated 6 bucks but forgot to identify myself. well, i don´t mind anyway, you just get the donator status didn´t you? i feel fine just knowing i´d helped a little bit.
  11. hi there! good luck with this new site, i´m glad to see that someone is going to actually follow or envolve this awesome project that are CDLCs. i donated a small amount to SA (no regrets for that BTW), and i´ll be happy if could contribute the same way here. thank you BakerBauer and husband, and all the new team of course.
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