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Two questions about EOF



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You need to use guitar.ogg instead, bpm map seems correct, to correct AV delay push F10 and enter delay for me its about 350 and 380 or for mine laptop it would 390, 400 (its pretty old, manufactured in 2003). you can use AV delay project that inside EOF folder.You can move all BPM-markers with first marker, you can push offset UpDown and so on, improvise and explore, than you'll get it :)

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I'm not sure what you mean -- the waveform is just a representation of the audio. Setting the playback speed too low can throw things off.


Is this your first time working with EOF? In that case, there were a few things that threw me off at first about it.


So just in case...


For one thing, the audio file serves as the base -- you can't manipulate the waveform, since this isn't an audio editor. So the audio is fixed in place. You can shift it around by adding leading silence (there has to be a couple of seconds of leading silence in order for it to work with Rocksmith -- usually people add 3 seconds (3000 milliseconds).


After that, the job is to line up the beat markers -- those vertical lines -- to correspond to the waveform. You're basically lining up the beats to match the beats in the song. (it's easiest to do this to the snare beat).


The first step to this is to estimate the BPM -- this gives a rough guide -- and set the time signature -- which numbers the measures. Then you drag the very first beat marker (Measure 1 Beat 1) to the beginning of the waveform.


EOF will fill in the blank space you just created. Sometimes you have to readjust the first measure to line up with the waveform again. Then you'll line up the other beat markers to match the song. Each time you drag a beat marker into place, it will become anchored there. So always start from the FIRST beat marker.


There's a program called Go Playalong that does this work too. A lot of people here prefer it.

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