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Wishlists and the future of CDLC requests


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I have noticed that the official Requests thread has been locked after almost 400 pages and 10k posts 😄 I also think I've read some bits of info about a new requests system coming, but now I can't seem to find anymore where did I read that...

I just wanted to share my thoughts on what would be an ideal requests system for me, but please don't take my words as an actual request (pun intended!), especially since I have no idea of what is being used to develop the customforge database and website. These are just the thoughts of an avid user of CDLC, not able to make enough time to become a charter yet, but also with some (small) experience in charting customs for Rockband, and having seen how requests (don't often) work in that other side of the world of music games learning tools.

In brief, request threads don't work. The main reason is that the nature of a forum and its threads is to grow. The day when I finally will have time to be myself a RS CDLC charter, I am certainly not going to read a 400 pages thread, or to search for older threads in a multipage forum section, to see which missing songs people want charted! If I spotted something interesting on the last thread page, I might choose to chart it, but with the general principle that you should not request something already requested, it is even possible that the biggest missing songs are long buried in earlier posts.

Ideally, there should be a table with a list of songs that can be 'upvoted' by users, so that when someone is wishing for a new CDLC, they can check the table to see if the song is already requested, and upvote it. Even better if such table would allow to browse by artists. In a sense, the table might eventually look quite similar to a simpler version of the Ignition4 search list itself, with only Artist, Title, Album, and columns showing the total number of votes by instrument path (or even just one for guitar, one for bass). This way, older requests don't fall into oblivion but remain in the system, but most importantly if I were a charter I could easily see the difference between a song requested by 1 person and another upvoted by 100.

I really don't know if there's anything existing on Ignition that can be leveraged to create such a list. Maybe it could even be considered if it were easier to expand the current database table to include both released CDLCs as well as requests (as long as the search can clearly differentiate between the two). At least the current Ignition has some nice features such as the automatic Spotify links which would be useful for requests as well. Maybe it could also generate automatic searches on popular TAB websites, but I am just thinking out loud here...

As a last remark, I personally would like requests to be renamed "wishlists". I have a couple of times made my own suggestions in the requests thread, but I am not really requesting anything from anyone, I am just expressing my wishes on what I would like to learn to play next 🙂 

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1 hour ago, Shroud said:

OMG @ Unleashed2k  you made it happen! The beta version already looks really good and this will be useful to a lot of people, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  😊 

The best part is I made most of these features before I read your post. But it was this post that made me change the name to wishlist. I needed a name because "request" is used in the backend for http requests and what not, and it was a huge pain to have both. So thanks for that! I'm working on an update to it with increased functionality. 

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