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Can't Load CDLC Files on Rocksmith 2014 - PC Version



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Posting links is find Drift. Yes, we lost the tutorials with the site move but they will be re-created. In the mean time Drift's suggestion of google is the best way to go. Also bear in mind that you have to own a single downloadable content (official) song. Most of the CDLC's you find are set to Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins. If you don't own that, you need to purchase that one song before they will show up. 


The CDLC's must be placed in the following folder:




You then have to launch the application using RSInjector.


That's the basics anyway.


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thank you for helping me but i'm still having problems with my download not moving in to rocksmith I was told to use the RSinjector where can it find it in custonforge   thanks again edmartinez

It's on the first page of the tutorial, right under the PC stuff.


You should also check out this thread:


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thank again for the help . i'm a dork though  and forgot to say that I have a pc version of rocksmith I still need help on how to move all my downloads to rocksmith I have over 100 waiting to load any help please thanks again       edmartinez

Read the tutorial again and watch the included video. RSInjector is only for Mac. For PC you need to copy the .dll file into the root folder of Rocksmith.


All of the details and instructions are in the tutorial.

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