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Sounds like a rocksmith question but really it is a computers/steam/privacy and access question.


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Steam downloads directly to my rocksmith > DLC folder. When songs become unlisted does or can steam remove songs from the folder? That would make me rage so I would like someone smarter than me (I?) which is also anyone, to tell me if I need to keep a second copy. I'm sure if I paid for it, then it is mine but dude I have been here a week and my library of music in the Rocksmith > DLC is almost better than stuff I listen to and stream combined, so I don't want to lose my customs forge stuff. 

Oh one other question, I think in bad words, so typing it is actually what I am thinking. Are any words, other than words that are hateful or discriminatory, obviously, (I don't think those words unless some honk* runs over my foot 😉 ) allowed here or do I have to asterisk my Sh*t. 

Second post ever, if this is the wrong place or if this is taboo topic, like my first post or that step sister folder you totally have open in the background, (looking at you, John) it seriously isn't on purpose. My first post got me in a little trouble so I figure I'd do a little disclaimer here as well. I can be a little slow but I will catch on. Thanks and Cheers! 







John is just a common name so if your name is John and you have a sketch AF folder open I can't really see it...








or can I?






you shouldn't worry....









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I can understand the concern, but it is one that you should be worry free of.

The short answer is that the song is purchased, and will not be removed from your catalog once it delists. It just delists from the Steam store for purchase. In the event something happens, i,e, start using an different computer that you own, using YOUR Steam account, you will be able to re-download all the dlc that you purchased previously, still listed and de-listed songs.

Long answer, I am sure in Steam's terms of service that somewhere in tiny print there is something about them being able to administrate and remove games for whatever reason. IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY and VERY UNLIKELY that such a thing would happen.

Your library of Rs2014 songs as well as all the Rs2014 game files can be moved to another folder for a restore.

the remaining Rs2011 files when downloaded to Rs2014 are not in individual files. They get merged into one compatibility file. You COULD move it.

Moving the official DLC songs is not necessary as they can be re-downloaded. Having a backup of Custom DLCs is a very good idea.

Before you get any other ideas, when you purchase a song in the Steam store, you get a License # imprinted into your copy of Rocksmith saying whether or not you own that song.

As far as language usage, You will have to discuss that with a Mod or Admin. I asterisk my sh*t.

Your first post didn't get you into trouble, you were just advised of that / those rules, given and explanation, and directed to an official post by an admin. May seem harsh in explanation, I tend to be direct, and not sugar coat too much. That question gets asked several times a week. It gets answered over and over again. I have no power to inflict penalties or official sanctions on or to you. I am just a regular user just like you at the moment. The answer was given by me, as the mods and admin are quite busy, and trying to help out both you and them at the same time. Freeing up their time allows them to continue to work on the ignition upgrade or complete customs.

I don't have answers for your other questions.

Good Luck, and enjoy the site.

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As I recall... when you buy DLC from Steam, it basically says in the contract that you have the use of the chart, but it's not really YOURS...
They can take it if they want, they just don't.
My question is, what does it mean to delist it?
They don't wanna make profit from it anymore?
Can we chart it if they take it down?
Can we share with anyone else some given delisted DLC?
Will anyone who has all delisted DLCs upload a .rar with them so we can have them?
Will this be the end of Spider-Man?
I don't know, I hope somebody could shed some light about this.

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59 minutes ago, aion said:

Can we chart it if they take it down?
Can we share with anyone else some given delisted DLC?
Will anyone who has all delisted DLCs upload a .rar with them so we can have them?
Will this be the end of Spider-Man?
I don't know, I hope somebody could shed some light about this.

Delisted songs can still be redownloaded from steam after delisting but new people cannot purchase them.
Charts of delisted songs still follow our guidelines on dlc charts and sharing of delisted odlc through cf still counts as piracy.

Here's the update post on the our current stance.

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