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Locked Staff's Response to Charts of Delisted oDLC


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It has come to staff's attention that there is some ambiguity about our position on customs of delisted oDLC being uploaded to Ignition. To clarify in no uncertain terms: they will be treated the same as past delisted content, namely the RS1 songs that were never brought forward into 2014. Covers of delisted songs and live performances of delisted songs may be allowed at staff's sole discretion and charts of covers/live performances uploaded to Ignition without staff permission may be deleted at any time without notice to the charter.

Discussion of how to obtain delisted oDLC runs afoul of our anti-piracy rules. Discussing it on the forums or the Discord may lead to immediate suspension of your access to the forums/Ignition/Discord server for an indefinite period of time. Our response to piracy discussion has not changed in the aftermath of delists, nor has our position on the matter. Ban times are decided at staff discretion.

Uploading delisted content to Ignition may result in a permanent ban on your account and any subsequent account created on the site thereafter.

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