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Rocksmith friendly Laptops


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Hello everyone!

I run Rocksmith on my ASUS laptop too with no problems and fluently but I had to disable all video features and setup the screen resolution to 1024x720.

The laptop works by Intel Dual Core 2 Duo 2Gb T5800, 4Gb, Mobility radeon HD 3470 (256VRAM) and Windows Vista.

See you!

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gotten an asus X550LD with a coreI7 and dedicated graphics, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd,

runs better than my desktop, only niggle is the sound isnt the best through the speaker but plugging in 2.1 sorts this fine.

little bit pricier than i would have liked but it does what i want it to.

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I use a Lenovo T410 i5 NVIDIA graphics  works great get some crackle because the sound chip is a lil slow

no latency that lag adjust hasnt fixed

VGA To plasma TV 1/8 to RCA to stereo

oh 128GB hhd and 4gb ram


1TB hssd and 8 ram coming

use downloaded version cd tray will get another hhd


note friend just got on disc for hp "gaming" lap top game wont load

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I have a 2011 Dell Latitude E6420 with an Intel Core i5-2520m, 4gb of ram and the Intel HD 3000. No discrete GPU. It runs quite good. 720p and low settings and runs at 60fps in the menu and locked at 30fps during songs. Quite playable......I can definitely say that cause I've played 108 hours with that laptop so yeah.......good stuff

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I use a Toshiba S50-B-15N which is a lightweight laptop with Core i5 and AMD M260 graphics.  I play at 1080 resolution and never reduce the graphics settings - there is no lag and it's smooth as long as I use a cooling pad, if not the laptop can start to stutter if the graphics card throttles back due to heat.  Laptop has 8GB of RAM.


The thing I liked about the Toshiba is the very nice screen (I'm a photographer), it's very slimline and light (I travel a lot as an airline employee) it has an excellent backlit keyboard for late nights in hotels and a mix of USB 2 and 3 ports.  Plus it's not a high end gaming machine so isn't heavy or crazily expensive - an excellent all rounder

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