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  1. Hi wlorcb! my laptop has five years at least and works fine but I had to set up some video options. Your pc requeriments are not the recommended but have to work without problems. Now I'm not at home but if you are not able to work it, let me know and I'll send you my configuration. Regards,
  2. Hello everyone! I run Rocksmith on my ASUS laptop too with no problems and fluently but I had to disable all video features and setup the screen resolution to 1024x720. The laptop works by Intel Dual Core 2 Duo 2Gb T5800, 4Gb, Mobility radeon HD 3470 (256VRAM) and Windows Vista. See you!
  3. Hello MightyMouse,I enjoy of rocksmith connecting my pocked pod in the following way but I think that it doesn’t answer your question.First of all, I plug my guitar on pocked pod.Secondly, I plug the rocksmith cable to my pocket pod in ‘Direct out’ (jack) and laptop (usb). So, the Rocksmith recognizes the notes.Thirdly, I connect the 'headphones out' of my laptop to ‘line in’ of my pocket pod through jack 3.5 (male) – jack 3.5 (male).Lastly and important, I plug my headphones to my pocked pod but I have choppy sound due to the return of the signal. For fix it, I have to down the volume of the guitar 1 on sound properties of rocksmith until level 1. So, I can enjoy of rocksmith with my tones. Sorry but my English is not too good. Regards,
  4. For example: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/m/marea/el_perro_verde_guitar_pro.htm
  5. Hi! I wasn't able to import any gp5 file in EoF. I've tested saving as gpx and it didn't work. EoF message is 'Could not import file'. My EoF version is 18RC8 (r1291). Thanks in advance!
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