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  1. Glad I helped push you in the right direction haha! I haven't played my guitar in almost 6 months to a year I'm guessing. Either way, I went through the same ole boooooooosh*t you were going through, and I said the hell with it, and went and bought a Scarlett 2i2 and never looked back What would be nice is if you had a y splitter, and another PC, or a PC strong enough to run an AMP simulator like Neural DSP Fortin Nameless in the background! Just turn the guitar sound down on the game, so you'll still hear the song playing, but your guitar tones come from the Amp sim! (; There's alot of guys that use things like this. Check out youtube, or Twitch! I would get on Twitch occasionally, and see some guys playing and I'm like WTF! My shit doesn't sound like that lol! Cheers bro!
  2. Get an audio usb interface like the Scarlett 2i2, and you don't even have to use a real tone cable. You can just plug a guitar cable into your interface and walla!
  3. Are you playing on PC? Just open notepad and type out what you played last, or write it down would be my suggestion. I've noticed this for years though too! Maybe with CFSM it works???
  4. Did you forget to download the dll file and put it in your rocksmith file? Try that
  5. Right click on the bottom left corner of your screen (windows Icon) click on Device manager, Audio inputs and outputs, and delete your cable from there! ALSO! Scroll down to Sound, Video and Game controllers, and delete your cable on there if you see it! Restart your comp and do an update.
  6. What exactly do you mean under attack??? Like someone is giving you shit because you play guitar on rocksmith or something??? I don't follow what you're asking bud
  7. Get a Y splitter cable and run your guitar cable into the axe fx and the rocksmith cable into t he game! Turn the guitar volume down on the game, and then you can hear your tone coming from the Axe FX while playing the game, and still having the note recognition etc! Actually fuck that just go message Faceless Clown on Twitch! That dude has a line 6 and It sounds fucking amazing when he plays RS
  8. Ah ok! Hell, by that time I'd be so over it I wouldn't hardly want to hear the song again I bet lol! I don't wanna wear out something that someone else might eventually end up making anyway. But they're are some killer tracks I'd love to create if the process wasn't so long and drawn out. Thanks buddy!
  9. So I'm curious! I was sitting here looking at covers of some of my favorite Sevendust songs ie: Shine, Crucified, Thank you, Kill the flaw etc. I noticed in this cover the dude posted the tabs to this song. If I were to create my own CDLC, and let's say hypothetically I already knew how too (I don't.) About how long would it take an experienced CDLC creator to plug these tabs in, and actually make it into a playable song on the game? An hour? A few hours? A few days? I'm just curious, because I've long thought about creating my own, but haven't put forth the effort to try it out yet. Anyway, just browsing for some input. Here's the vid!
  10. Do you mean audio quality? If so I understand! The best thing I can tell you to do, is make sure you save some "tones" to switch too! That way whenever a particular solo, or riff comes up that sound like shit in the song you're playing you can switch to a killer tone you want for that part of, or for the entire song! If you need a good solo tone, try looking at the Pink Floyd - Comfortably numb (Pulse) tones in the "create a tone" part of the game. I forget which one it is, but it's my hands down go too! You can always tweak them a bit in the create a tone also to get a little bit edgier for what you're looking for! Aside from that you're S.O.L. unless you play through something like an audio interface, into an amp simulator along with the game!
  11. You will be fine! You're not stealing anyones music, and it's solely for educational purposes! Hence why you're learning guitar! If it was illegal Customsforge wouldn't be here, and we'd all be in jail. Enjoy yourself!!! ;)
  12. No! You need to google your ass off, and see if a Best buy, Walmart, or Gamestop possibly has one! If you can't find one locally, a simple google search Craigslist, Ebay, or Amazon will land you one! You might try searching about playing without a cable, or a cable patch! I know you can play without a cable to the game with an acoustic etc, but you won't get the sound, or feedback you're looking for. I think there's a cable patch where guys are playing with regular guitar cables into a USB Audio interface, or something. Not real sure GOOGLE SON! :)
  13. download Steam, and get a CD key for Rocksmith 2014, it'll cost you 10 bucks! You'll be off and running after that! That's what I did anyway!
  14. Erra - Dementia You'll thank me once you play the solo! ;)
  15. Get a Digitech Drop Pedal!!!! You can literally set your guitar up in whatever tune that you like! Say for instance you like the way E standard feels, whenever a new song comes up that's say in Drop C all you do is tap on your drop pedal and it automatically changes the tune of your guitar to Drop C, without you having to physically tune the guitar!! It's worth it! Youtube it!
  16. +1! I haven't played RS in a little while, but I'm sure I'll be in the same boat later as well, so a quick sum up of how/where to fine/install the patch etc would be appreciated fellas!
  17. That's about how I was thinking it should go. I appreciate the insight bud! I was only hesitant to use the song manager because as I said, it deleted some songs last time I installed it a year or two ago, that were perfectly fine. I read why this happens though. Anyhow, thank ya!
  18. I've never really used CFSM, I've messed around with it, but I've been reading and what I'm gathering is that both, the Toolkit, and CFSM both remove duplicates? Instead of burying my head into thread, after thread, I wanted to ask how I should go about trying to eliminate excess files I have the easiest? I've played RS for years! I've also accumulated alot of the same damn CDLC backing up files after my system got corrupted etc. Anyway, I usually just delete them in file explorer. I've also used the Toolkit before for custom inlays. But I usually keep things pretty simple. If you were going to reinstall RS and wanted to try out the CFSM / Toolkit etc. How would you go about it, and in what order? Which would you use to delete duplicate/corrupted files? I remember there being someway to completely destroy your cdlc if you don't do it right, and I'm just hoping one of you can chime in. Would you DL rs, dll and all that jazz, then run CFSM, or the toolkit? Which would you use to get rid of duplicates, and corrupted files first? I know all of this stuff has been covered 10,000 times, but I've avoided CFSM due to a few years ago it deleted a bunch of songs, that worked completely fine. Since then i just opted not to use it. Anyway, I hope someone doesn't mind throwing out their 2 cents!
  19. Turn up your microphone sensitivity, or make sure your RS cable is set as your mic! Check your settings in the game, Check your volume knob on your guitar. Recalibrate your guitar, Make sure your RS cable isn't crapping out on you! If it does, go up to Guitar center, or your local guitar shop. Buy a knew Jack, cut off the head of the old one, solder on the new one, bam! I have no idea what your issues are, but I' bet if you trouble shoot what I've mentioned you'll figure it out!
  20. Check out Jeff Healey - While my guitar gently weeps. It's badass!
  21. Recalibrate your guitar! Turn the volume knob down just a hair when you calibrate, and if you have dual humbuckers, move your pick up selector to both. When you mute your strings don't hold them, just tap to mute, and let it play out if there's anything still ringing, after that go through the motions tuning up, and then after all is completed, switch back to your bridge pick up, and turn the volume up. I promise that will help. Another thing no one has bothered to mention is the RS realtone cables suck my ass! Personally if you have a soldering iron, or if you're patient enough with electric tape. Chop the head off the RS cable (jack end) Go buy you a 90 and solder, or tape it to the new head! That helps a ton. Aside from that man RS isnt 100% perfect. But try downloading, or creating, and saving some new, or your own tones. It helps when there's shitty CDLC tones on a particular song you might like. That way you don't have to endure the overly sensitive piece of shit sound the cable causes the game to make! Cheers! Oh, and fyi! If you move your pick up selector to the neck pickup, and tune it that way before switching back to your bridge per say. it helps alot with the accuracy of tuning. SO I'VE HEARD ANYWAY. I do it all the time, but I dunno if it makes a shit or not. lastly if you haven't or aren't sure. INTONATE your bridge! Cheers bubba! Let us know what you find out.
  22. ^^^^ What he said! I can't remember where. But I think if you can click on the number of downloads, you can find out who has the song. I have alot of their songs. Which ones in particular were you wanting?
  23. Are you using a TV or a Monitor to play on? I'm assuming you're not playing staring at the tablet..... One thing you can do if you have to adjust the resolution is Zoom in on your TV settings. IE: Wide, Zoom etc. I have to turn my resolution down too, and I only run the game on 720p. You really don't need fancy ass graphics, and to be honest I can't tell a difference in what I play, and what I see on youtube. Message me real quick, and I'll toss you my name so you can message me on facebook. I don't get notifications for this website, and I'd hate to leave ya hangin! Cheers bud.
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