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  1. i have been going through recovering my account for a long time so ive done all the steps youy would take 1 problem is captia the robot checking app does not let me through it toys with me giving me new boxes after boxes then after 15 minutes of that i get an error code
  2. i after 2plus months of trying got bac into steam. i have a close problem at home thats just too much to explain and i would sound crazy.i did get into a steam account today but its not the 1 with my library where rocksmith is so does anyone know what i can do from inside steam to recover my games
  3. no sir.its a close to me person with some issues.my laptop is hacked i have to reset it alot actually reinstall windows .then my speakers were cut with care,my headphones have blown 3 xs,i use skullcandy hesh 2.this new set well the volume worked and when ispent the time it takes to reinstall steam CFSM and get it all running through my mixer\amp thats a whole issue in itself.the headphones now have barely any volume a whisper if you will.so after all that then the attack on my gear so i moved my nicer axes to a freinds,i build too so got some of the first i ever built and they been through a
  4. I have a topic thats less desirable a subject but never the less a topic that I wonder if more people (guitar players) deal with but dont mention. Do any of you in this community ever find yourself under attack ? I do. My Rocksmith account ,gear, software, , privacy, you name it is been under attack and unusable for 2 months now except for a 3 hour slip which was quiclkly dealt with by blowing my head set to crap .just wondering anyone else have such attacks on theyre harmless playing oand learning a musical instrument?
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