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Bass- pick or pluck


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Larger than a typical guitar pick, and fairly thick. I am currently using a .60mm and I think it's on the soft side already.

Since picks are very inexpensive, you can choose some with different thickness and try them all out, half a dozen picks should not cost more than a couple of bucks.

What kind of music are you into? Bass is played with the pick when you want either long fast sequences of the same note (for example 16ths, triplets, shuffle rhythms or 'galloping')  or rapid bursts of notes typically close to each other: this is typical in heavy metal genres. It is also used when you want a 'snappy' sound throughout the whole song, though not as snappy as when using slap'n'pop techniques: example genres might be dark/new wave and grunge. You can find thousands of CDLCs of these!

That said, I personally feel like bass is at its best when played with fingers 🙂 The pick makes faster runs of notes easier, especially if you come from guitar playing, but if you start using it as a shortcut in every song, it'll hamper your progress with fingerstyle.


EDIT: I just noticed you posted a request for Litfiba - re del silenzio > I think that's pretty much an example of using a pick with the bass to get what I called a 'snappy' sound (Litfiba was in fact pretty much a new wave band in their early albums)

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