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Banned for pairacy when everything i get is off this website ?

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Piracy is how it is spelled. I know the administrators can ban you if you keep asking for songs to be created as a CDLC from multiple creators. You put the song(s) on the CDLC request site under the tab at the top of this page but it may not be chosen. There are 150 plus pages of requests as we speak.

If an administrator is reading this it would be great if song requests could be removed when one is created and added to the CDLC listing.

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  • Administrator

We do not ban people based on request.

People that are being banned here and from RSPlaylist were caught using pirated content of official DLC which is against our rule and against RSPlaylist rules.

It has nothing to do with the request thread at all.

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On 6/14/2022 at 2:16 AM, Gingerfactor420 said:

m forge community ?

You are free to use RsPlaylist and download songs from here (Ignition). You may use also the original DLC-s bought on Steam with the downloaded Custom DLC-s (CDLC).

What you may not use, pirated software. Like the Rocksmith itself or DLC-s from Ubisoft may be not used. If you get caught, you will be banned from everywhere. So far I know 🙂 But I am not an admin.

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The best place would probably be a support ticket through the cf discord.

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