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2020 Update - Ignition4 News


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Hey all,

I just wanted to touch base with everyone and give a proper update on what's been going on behind the scenes. At the moment COVID-19 has affected all of us. Due to work constraints and other issues, our main developers has not had the time to continue to develop Ignition4. 

Because of these delays I am announcing that we are currently cutting planned features for Ignition4 to fast-track the release of it. I understand delay after delay can get frustrating.
We wanted to bring you a state of the art search engine with all of these amazing features but we keep running into issues so my current plan is to make sure the cut features are added to the Ignition 4.1-4.5 Roadmap
Our primary goal is now is bringing on a few more developers, get them comfortable with laravel/js to finish up the current build and we can get this released. 
We have successfully tested a migration from IP Board 3 & Ignition 3 to IP Board 4.5 & Ignition4. 
So right now it's just about polishing and removing all features that won't make it to the build. 

We are still incredibly excited to bring you a rebuilt Ignition and to deliver an overall improved performance. 

I can't wait to have the new upgraded forums live with the improved search engine. The whole development process for Ignition4 has been a very frustrating but rewarding experience. All of our developers efforts will soon pay off once we can get this into your hands. If you're interested in testing what the new forums experience would be like, here's a really good example: https://linustechtips.com/main/

Beta access through my Patreon is still planned. 

If you would like to volunteer to become a developer, we're always looking for new talent: https://forms.gle/YWDzVSgsmGFSUaq39

Thanks all, stay safe!



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"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

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What is going to be removed from the final release?

Email Notifications, Profiles, Artist Pages, Notify on new CFSM/EOF/RSTK Release, genre/tags will not ship with Ignition4.
Our new creators section which uses several APIs to get artist data will not be in this release as well.
A few other features I've may have forgotten but all of these we definitely still plan on doing eventually.

"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

-Trent Reznor
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genre tags, and artist pages sound like they will be the most missed from that list.  Anyway, awesome can't wait.

There's some killer planned features for 4.1, the good news is that we've progressed a lot since last month and we're itching closer to the testing phrase. 

"Just remember: when something breaks, kick it as hard as you fucking can"

-Trent Reznor
Support Me (Via Patreon)

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Looking foward for the new version! If you need a beta tester count on me!

His post says that beta access will be continuing as planned through our site Patreon. The link is in Unleashed's OP.

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